Wonderful places to go this July

We are all aware of the fun that comes with traveling. Our country Pakistan gives us so many mesmeric places that we can explore and realize how much natural beauty is composed by our motherland. The northern places of Pakistan have so much wondrous beauty to offer that one cannot believe it until they witness it themselves. So in July, wherein some places of Pakistan the hot summers have taken over and don’t allow much fun to do. This is the most convenient time one can plan a trip, pack up the traveling bags and go on a traveling venture. But the thought of pre-planning might be the only hindrance that comes in the way of going on a trip. However, you have nothing to worry about anymore because Tripkarao has finally come forward as your premium traveling partner and aims to take its valuable customers on a memorable trip this July to some wondrous places in Pakistan. 

In July, the climate of the northern regions is pleasant and proves to be very refreshing for the people living in the extreme heat of summers. So traveling to northern areas, when done in July definitely increases the fun of the water recreational activities too. Many of which Tripkarao offers like crabbing, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, cliff diving, jet-skiing, and many more. So why worry, if the hot summers have heat stroked the brains and you are eagerly looking for a way out from all of it, Tripkarao is all set to take you along to the following beautiful places of Pakistan that are worth visiting. 


In northern Gilgit Baltistan, lies the enthralling place Shigar. This place gains prominence from its Shigar river, Shigar valley, and Shigar district. The entrancing Shigar river is formed by the melted water from the glaciers of Baltoro and Biafo and it flows through the fascinating Shigar valley, finally reaching the Indus river in the Skardu valley. Shigar Valley covers a distance of 170 km between Skardu and Askole, has a flowing stream of the Indus river, and allows access to the high mountains of Karakoram including K-2. This makes it a site enjoyable in terms of hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. Shigar district is the home to K-2 and is circumscribed by Skardu district, Ghanche District, Xinjiang (China), and Hunza, Nagar, Gilgit districts. A visit to Shigar happens to be a complete trip as it comprises many entrancing places that certainly tick all of the desirable places one wishes to visit.


In northern Gilgit, lies the Kachura lake. Which exists famously due to its scenic location and the enchanting element of natural beauty. This lake is divided into two portions the Majestic Upper and Lower Kachura Lake. The Upper Kachura lake, irrespective of the fact that it is not been fully discovered by tourists yet is still considered to acquire beauty and exquisiteness to the fullest. This lake attains a 70 meters depth and remains pleasant throughout the summers having a temperature of 15 C. On the contrary, it holds a clear frozen solid water surface during winter.

Lower Kachura lake is also popularly known as Shangrilla lake and has a hotel resort constructed at its bank as the Shangrilla Hotel. This lake falls in the Kachura village region and is at an elevation of 2,500 m. An underlying story leads to the Shangrilla Hotel, which revolves around the site of it being where nearby an aircraft crashed. And it was the aircraft’s fuselage on which the hotel was built by a renowned Pakistan Army commander.


Well, thinking of deserts brings up a notion in our brains of a hot, dry, sandy place that can hardly be on our list of places to visit for a fun trip. On the contrary, the Katpana Desert repudiates all of these associative elements with a desert. Kalpana desert is located in Skardu, has an altitude of 2,226 meters above sea level, and is categorized as one of the highest deserts in the world. This desert, also known as the Cold Desert, has an extraordinary and unusual ring to it. In this desert, lie large dunes covered with snow sometimes, which not only adds up to the beauty but also increases the urge of visiting this enthralling and fascinating place. The temperature of this desert also ceases to amaze us by ranging from a maximum of 27 °C and a minimum of −25 °C throughout the year. Having a chance to visit the Katpana Desert is certainly a memorable trip due to the strange beauty it acquires.


In the Eastern Karakoram range of the Himalayas, at the line of control of Pakistan and India, lies a beguiling Siachen Glacier. Its significant identity revolves around the fact of it is the longest glacier in Pakistan and the second-longest in the world’s nonpolar regions. Siachen is a recognizable site of a dispute between Pakistan and India in terms of its unresolved claimed land. The element of mesmeric natural beauty along with its being a site that enlightens patriotic spirit among the nation makes Siachen a place to be sightseeing.

With time passing by, some negative actions of humans like waste dumping, improper disposal, and eco-unfriendly activities, have led to a glacial retreat. Which when not controlled, can result in the catastrophic loss of an enchanting place like Siachen. Thus, to tackle this unacceptable behavior of people and to preserve the ecosystem of this exotic glacier, environmentalists and peace activists have come forward and presented a pact for Siachen, declaring it as a “Peace Park” 

Written By: Aleen Tariq