Traveling is all about the Fun Adventures

We travel to explore, discover, and cut off from the repeated regimes of our lives. But little do we know about that special something in traveling that actually makes it so much fun doing. And without which a major portion of fun becomes absent on your trip. That something definitely has to do with the adventures of traveling. These adventures refer to recreational activities along with so many other things. Your drive to the tourist place is an adventure in itself. Just like this, you can label several happenings of your traveling as adventurous. Apart from them, there can be certain adventurous activities that you can plan to make part of your trip. This blog reflects upon the list of activities that add up to the thrill of your trip. And will also highlight the spots of Pakistan suitable for relevant adventures.

The Adventures of your Trip

Whenever you think of traveling- thrill and excitement must be the first to strike your head. To fulfill these adventurous thoughts, you can engage yourself in different types of adventures, depending upon your interest. You can pick from the following adventure options and then decide accordingly where to travel. And a point to add to your amazement is that our country Pakistan offers so many places each of which gives you the option to participate in any of the adventures.


“Just once try to fly with zero worries”

Looking at the skies, being amazed by the birds, and wondering what kind of experience would it be to fly- is a thought that seemed unachievable to many. To put an end to this unfeasible perception, an activity like paragliding makes the fantasized desire of flying, a reality. Paragliding is a very adventurous and courageous activity. Only those who are brave at heart choose to practice it as a hobby or a sport. On the contrary, the doubts that considered paragliding, a daring activity, are only justified when one had not experienced paragliding. Because once you have been able to experience paragliding, the thrill keeps on compelling you to do it again and again. Mountainous and hilly areas are the perfect suitable site for paragliding And so you can paraglide in Pakistan in the tourist spots lying in the Karakorum, Himalayas, and Hindukush.


‘Nothing will ever equal that moment of exhilaration when you feel yourself flying away from the earth’


Many activities are designed in such a way that can easily enable us to first attain a certain height, then a gradual descent and while doing so, have a bird’s eye view of the captivating land we live on. One such height-driven activity includes paramotoring. This activity is like paragliding, as it follows the same aerial dynamics for the overall activity but differs when it comes to its equipment. the pilot is responsible for controlling the speed thrust via throttle, steering the parachute, and pulling brake toggles when needed. Paramotoring is an experience to feel like being able to have wings. It has an awe-inspiring approach to it, as paramotoring, a very adventurous experience, is all about going opposite to what a human is naturally capable of doing and allowing him to fly.


To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles’

Being able to cut yourself off from the stresses of the world by going on a journey set on foot, is a very adventurous and pleasing way of enjoying life. Doing so, not only helps you physically but mentally too, as letting yourself close to nature is a source of relaxation and happiness. To attain this sense of mental–physical satisfaction and recreation, trekking is the best solution. Trekking is the on-foot venturous activity, that makes you sink into the nature of the world instead of the stressful realities of life. There are no definite boundaries or rules set for trekking, this way trekking becomes a more exhilarating way of spending quality time. Trekking sites can vary depending upon the person’s trekking place of interest, it can either be a hilly/ mountainous area, a valley with a side lake flowing by, or any other picturesque location.

Cliff- Diving

‘When you stand at the edge of a cliff, jump to fly, not fall’

The wonders of nature have many astounding places that contribute to the exquisiteness and daintiness. Cliffs are usually one of the most scenic parts of nature. The rocky edges, enriched greenery patches, and the view of entrancing water down the cliff make it a site to see and visit. The visit to a cliff can become more fun when visited with the intention of cliff diving. Cliff diving is the most cherished way of diving, and it allows the person to be fully captivated by mesmeric nature. Diving into the river from a cliff requires a lot of courage. But once you overcome the apprehensive approach then there is no stopping you from cliff diving. And the thrill of this activity keeps on making you experience it again and again.


“Skiing is the next best thing to having wings”

Snowy winters are pleasing for many, because of the enjoyable moments one can cherish with snow.  Many sports allow sheer fun and dust away all of your boredom when being in the snow. One of which is Skiing- a snow sport, which requires two skis (skiing boots), worn on foot, and two ski poles that help the skier maintain balance and have grip while skiing. There are many recreational spots for skiing in Pakistan, where families tend to go on vacations for having an amusing time. Places like Malam Jabba, Neelum Valley, Astore Valley, Natjia Galli, Fairy Meadows, and Shmishal Ski resort.


“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”

To be fascinated by the existence of the water bodies is justifiable due to the immense undiscovered world that exists there. The excitement of exploring the underwater world has led to an adventurous sport that lets people indulge in the water and be a part of the amusing fascinations that lie there. Snorkeling is the recreational underwater activity of swimming on or through the surface of the water. It lets you observe the exciting underwater life without the training or equipment needed for scuba diving. Snorkeling leads to many surprising discoveries regarding water. It is not only a fun activity to be a part of physically but also astounds our thinking about the underwater world. You can experience this underwater experience at the sites of Karachi mostly and Ormara.

Scuba Diving

Diving is an investment of time and money but the rewards can be life-changing literally’

Scuba diving is the best activity that lets you explore what breathtaking aspects have you been unaware of. While you were on land and did not have the chance to see what the underwater world holds. This activity is designed to enable humans to experience underwater life, with all those essentials required to survive underwater for a limited time. Scuba divers to some extent experience and get to know about the inimitable life of water as compared to the life sustained on land. For scuba diving, equipment is the most essential part of it as without it this activity is not possible. Diving Mask, Snorkel, Gloves, Fins, Scuba Suit, Oxygen Tank, and Regulator make up the scuba diving apparatus. You can also go for this activity in the same places as for snorkeling.

Jet Ski

‘They don’t want you to jet-ski, they don’t want you to smile.’

When there is thought of planning a holiday, the first satisfactory place that comes to our minds is a water place or maybe by a beach. Because these places are easily reachable if they are a part of the city we live in. One of the top adventurous water is Jet-Skiing.  Riding on the water’s surface, feeling the splashes of water, and listening to the ocean are what one can experience on Jet-Ski. It is a watercraft designed for a limited number of people. Unlike boating, the jet ski has an advanced motor system. Which comparatively makes it a faster, modish, and innovative type of activity. The perfect location in the most suitable weather is what makes the experience of a jet ski, one to be a part of.


‘Chairlift needs to be in some places so that we can get views without having to hike to them’

Living on land has made us witness many wonders of nature. but what is yet to be seen are the same wonders but from a sky-height view. Because having the heightened approach makes it look more captivating as compared to when seen while on land. Being able to witness a beautiful view, when suspended in the air, and not doing much physically but just sitting and enjoying the aerial ride is what chair lifting is all about.

Riding a chairlift gives a sense of excitement and seems all so surreal to have a glimpse of the mesmerizing nature from a certain height. Be it viewing the snow-peaked mountains, crystal blue flowing water, or enriched greenery. All of it makes the time spent on chair lifting, worth sparing. This activity can be done at any time be it day or night. As the mesmeric and enthralling element is present for both times but acquires some unique sightseeing.

Desert Safari

‘Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show

Most of the things that we can do to have some fun time vary with the extent of the spine-tingling element they acquire. One of the few that leaves all the adventurous activities behind is the Desert Safari. Desert Safari is a desert located activity in which a heavy vehicle like a jeep, gets the passengers on and drives most thrillingly. Those who have experienced desert safari are always looking for another chance of experiencing it again.  This clearly shows how much excitement, fun, and exhilaration, this activity endeavors. There is no justifiable fear, that should come between you and the life experience of desert safari. As at the end of the day it’s the memorable experiences of life that make it up to you.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq