Travel Diaries: Experience Along a Memorable Week Vacations in Beautiful Turkey

Traveling is the best way to do justice to our beautiful homeland. So many breathtakingly places await the visit of tourists and their inhabitants. One on top of this planet’s most beautiful places is Turkey. This year my spring vacations were all about a memorable visit to my second favorite country Turkey ( of course the first one is my motherland Pakistan). By reading this blog, your thoughts will make you experience similar funsies to what I did. Happy reading!

It was the day of traveling when rushing actions and exciting emotions made me to the airport with my family. On reaching we found the airport super crowded and seemed like it was directing everyone to Turkey ( not that it was a problem). After a long time boarding, we were finally seated on our plane to Abu Dhabi. Our transit was for 2 hrs and then we took the connecting flight to Istanbul.

On landing in Istanbul. I could feel not only my G’s pulling but also my stoking emotions raging as well. This was my second visit to Turkey after a decade and I was more than ready to relive the memories this time.

Hazrat Ayub Ansar Shrine-Istanbul

Our excitement can be reflected in the fact that we did not head towards the hotel from the airport. Rather we went to the beautiful Hazrat Ayub Ansar Shrine right away. The beautiful and soothing aura of this historical place refreshed us all.

Eyup Sultan takes its name from Prophet Mohammad’s disciple Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. He passed away around the year 670 AD during the first Arab siege of Constantinople. Abu Ayyub al-Ansari’s grave was lost until Ottoman Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul in 1453

Taksim Square-Istanbul

Our next visit was to Taksim square in the daytime, which prevailed till nighttime. This place is famous for shopping, a beautiful mosque, eating places and a moving tram. The night Taksim has different lit-up sight to it. The rush of tourists remains the same, rather is more famous in Turkey as night Taksim.
The specialty of this place is it underlies the point of water supply for all parts of Turkey.

Grand Bazaar- Istanbul

You can have everything that you wish for in this Bazaar. As the word ‘Grand’ in its name, this bazaar covers all the items of jewelry, household, fashion, Turkish traditional, and whatnot. It is established within a maintained historical building, having many dimensions to it.

In the outskirts of Grand Bazaar lie ‘Eminonu’. this is an open space market with a similar shopping experience but at a comparatively reasonable rate.

Bosphorus Cruise-Istanbul

Turkey is famous for the beautiful Bosphorus during the day as well as night-time. So t you can always see various ships and boats cruising over the Bosphorus all day long. We took both, a day as well a night cruise. Both of the cruises though covered the same route but were incredibly fascinating experiences all in themselves.

In the daytime, the blue Bosphorus reflected the clean sky and the sight of many beautiful buildings. The Asian side of Turkey was more visible on the daytime cruise. At night time the weather was the same very pleasant, windy, and chilly but the lit-up surroundings on each side and that of the Bosphorus bridge got us amazed.

Hagiya Sophia & Blue Mosque- Istanbul

We reserved a day for these two beautiful sites. They lie nearby and are among the top tourist spots of Istanbul. Blur Mosque was under construction, but despite being so the visible inner carved blue tiles and pottery were enough to mesmerize us.

Hagiya Sophia was recently turned into a mosque from a cathedral. The peaceful aura of this mosque was felt by abundant tourists at that time. Luckily, we made it to Hagiya Sophia on Friday, at Jummah timing. The blessed day made the visit more memorable for us all.


I find this place beautiful and the most unique out of all the tourist spots because of how it looks. The other name for Pamukkale is “Cotton Castle’. It’s because of how white this place looks. The Pamukkale patch among mountains looks white similar to that of snowfall but in real it has a white textured surface. What adds up to the beauty of Pamukkale is the different natural spring spots there.

Gem Shop-Pamukkale

We went to visit the famous Gem shop straight from Pamukkale. The pleasure was reinforced by the lovely rainy weather. In this shop, a range of gemstones was displayed for sale. And what more amusing were the different symbols carved out of various traditional stones of Turkey. The Gemstone section was all about the bright shiny sparkly rocks, that we often had scenes in movies. So this visit is a fun memory for coming across fantasy things in reality.

Ladies Beach- Kusadasi

The highlight of my trip regarding the beach would be this spot- a white sand beach. This city had a beachy vibe to it in terms of food, resorts, people, and weather too. The crystal blue water and white sand had the perfect treat for the eye to see.

Turkish Silk Market- Bursa

This marked our trip the best way in the end – because who doesn’t love shopping, right? This market was enough to dust away from our fatigue and make us fresh like our trip had just started. So once we entered the Silk market empty-handed we came back out after some time unable to carry the bags alone ourselves. This silk Market of Bursa offers so much that question our resistance to shop,

The Food Ventures of Turkey

I have always been a die-hard fan of Turkish dessert- Kunafa. and It was a delight for me to have it every other day despite the idea of loading too many calories alone. There was just no stopping from Kunafa for me ( haha). Also, the Dondurma ( Turkish Ice cream ) was a treat along with various other dishes like Shish Tavuk, Lamajoon, Kumber, and various others.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq