Travel Diaries -An Insight to Fun Traveling Experiences

Traveling comes with so many different experiences. The best thing about it is that every individual gets to share different experiences than the rest. Despite the same traveling plans- we always have many reasons to quote that are not similar to our fellow travelers. These travel diaries give you an insight into the traveling experience of various wanderlusts. In this blog, you will see what a keen and fond traveler-Muhammad Jaliawala has to say about his traveling journey. We ask some relevant questions to shed light on his traveling experiences, and you can see as follow what he has to say.


Which reason triggered you to take the track of travelling?

It all started when I attended a conference in Karachi where I interacted with people from across the borders and mostly Russians. This interaction gave me an insight into how differently the Russians perceive traveling than to us. So, that is what triggered me to travel, explore tourism and take it to another level amongst Pakistanis as well. This is what I would call the triggered reason for being a fond traveler.

Can you label traveling as a frequent essential of your life?

I am lucky enough to say that traveling is not only my passion but now my profession too. So that comes with me labeling it as a frequent essential of life. I find traveling as a gateway to my down and difficult times of life. As it always helps me to find a solution to the worries of my life. My aim is to not let anything come in between and my traveling. So that s why, despite the unusual Covid times, I still managed to travel several times.


Are you fond of solo traveling or enjoy being accompanied on a trip?

I am not a complete solo traveler- But yes if I have to pick one then I am definitely a keen solo traveler. But what I find fascinating in solo traveling is how you always end up meeting new people and making friends. Another reason why I opt for solo traveling is that it helps me to reflect upon the person I am and where I stand in life. ‘Muhammad Jaliawaala; is a person that I got to know about while traveling- when I explored myself. And this solo traveling also gives me an edge in my profession.

Which has been the most memorable trip of your life?

The most memorable trip of my life has to be my first trip to Europe in 2013. I traveled to Romania for an exchange program and stayed there for two and a half months. That trip awoke the meaning of exploring, discovering, and traveling right before me. Before that my thought and exploring was confined to only Pakistan. Nut this memorable trip made me realize what more traveling has to offer. I will always keep this trip close to my heart.

From a tourism point of view, how would you rate that place?

I would definitely give Romania a 10/10 in terms of tourism, nature, development, and traveling. This place has a perfect system to preserve, construct, develop everything that matters to their tourism. The buildings have allotted places for construction, the rest of the places are designated for nature-like forests. Their famous road Transfăgărășan is unmatchable to its exquisiteness. Romania is a place that never ceases to amaze by its beauty in every domain.


Is the natural beauty of a place what makes you decide on a place where to travel to or is it anything else?

Nature is obviously a good attraction for tourism but for me, I get distracted more with the civilizations. The heritage of any city or the old ancient civilization always makes me awe-struck. Even while I plan to travel somewhere I mostly choose the place that is famous for its old heritage. Now look at Italy, it has always fascinated me with its history and ruins. I travel mostly to reflect upon the historic places of this world.

Any magical association with traveling you would like to share?

I believe every traveling experience is magical in its own way. But the one I remember is my trip to Iceland. I was wonder-struck by the possibility of beauty that place acquired. And the most magical memory of that trip has to be watching the lanterns in the chilly nights of Iceland. Ahhh! what a delightful sightsee and experience to feel.


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Written By: Aleen Tariq