Trails in the Exotic Margalla

The rustling of leaves, the howling of the wind while walking amid nature and accompanying friendly wildlife, gave her a reason to happily enjoy the moment. Afar from all the congestion, she cherished every breath of fresh air and treasured contact with the pure environment. On her journey, the suspense of how nature will surprise her next kept her going forward with excited spirits. Hiking made her feel triumphed as she felt like conquering the mighty mountains all by herself on foot. The pleasant weather, beautiful nature, and exhilarating path gave her every reason to love the trail in the exotic Margalla of Islamabad. She was in no form to end her hike, as the experience compelled her to reach the final ending point of the trail. Reaching onto which made her realize, that the excitement of completing the trail was an example in itself. And she now lived to experience other what trails had to offer.

Trail 5 Hiking

Islamabad is beautified by the majestic Margalla hills located in its North. Islamabad itself is known for its peace and beauty. But to be inhabited by Margalla hills adds up to the mesmeric element of this city. Margalla Hills of Islamabad is not only praised for the beauty. As they also offer a memorable trekking experience for the ones who set off for hiking in these mountains. . These hills are famous for their entrancing nature and greenery with trees, various plants, and grass. Also, they had been home to much wildlife including exotic birds and a variety of animals.  The authorities did justice to the explorers of Margalla by making various trails in these hills. These trails are open for all, be it people residing nearby, tourists, or other people from different cities. To experience hiking and overnight camping people can come here considering it as the most fun place for it.

     Trail 1

  • The way to this trail is when en route to the double road between the E-9 sector and the E-8 sector of Islamabad.
  • This trail does not have must steep path and is moderately tough
  • The ending point of this trail is Pir Sohawa and it takes up to 4.5 hrs. to complete the hike.

    Trail 2

  •  The Murghzar zoo in Islamabad has the starting point of trail 2 close by.
  • This trail is not a long one but rather short and steep making its completion time about 1.5 hrs.
  • The mid-point of this trail is Daman-e-Koh, a place that is set up for picnics and has chai spots.
  • When trekked more from the mid-point then trail 2 ends at Cactus Ridge.

     Trail 3

  • This trail is the most prominent amongst others due to it being steep and thrilling. It is also known as the ‘drill trial’ as its hike requires much exhaustion and stamina.
  • Trail 3 has a viewpoint midway after a hike of 30-50 mins. And a hike of 50-60 from mid-way takes you to Pir Sohawa
  • The starting point of this trail is from Margalla road F-6.

Trail 4

  • Trail 4 is the connecting trail of trail 3 and trail 5. In this case, when trail 3 proves to be very exhaustive or be it due to any other reason the trails can be switched with the help of trail 4.
  • This trail is located about a kilometer from the murghzar zoo
  • Trail 4 zig-zags up the hill-climbing for about 300 meters until it reaches the ridge.

Trail 5

  • Trail 5 is the most recently constructed trail and is the most taken path for the trek.
  • It starts from Margalla Road sector 5 and ends at Pir Sohawa.
  • This trail does not have many steep slopes and has many small streams of water along the way.
  • The total time to walk up this trail is about 2.5 – 3.5 hrs.

Essentials for planning a trip to the trails:

Trails in Islamabad have gained much attention from hikers, trekkers, and explorers, from the moment the first trail was made. To experience a memorable trail trip, one should first fully pre-plan and then set off for it. The essentials that should be pondered upon when going for a trail trip are

  • Out of the five trails, which trail satisfies your toughness level? The trail should be picked out for hike or trekking accordingly
  • Figure out what kind of clothing is suitable for the weather on the day you plan to go. Is it sunny, rainy, or windy?
  • Pack up a bag of snacks and drinks when off to trail. Because hiking consumes a lot of your energy and you may face low energy levels when hiking. Keep yourself hydrated and don’t forget to drink water often while trekking.
  • Ensure all health conditions of the people that are accompanying you on the trail
  • Keep with yourself a first aid box in case it is needed.

Exploring the trails of Margalla is something not to be missed. Especially, there is no reason for you to not go to trails when you have TripKarao by your side. So, act upon all these essentials and get yourself ready for experiencing the best memorable trip, worth planning with TripKarao.


Written By: Aleen Tariq