The Insight to the Marked Winter Destinations

Every season comes and leaves with a charm, right? The best way to make the most out of any season is to travel for vacations. Every season has its own list of the best places to visit. The list comprises places with the most appropriate season of that time. It all depends upon your desire to travel. Whether you seek to exit from the current climate of where you are living or you just want to go somewhere cold-ish. The majority are willing to go to winter destinations regardless of how many options they have to travel to.

This Blog will help you in looking out for the place where you can travel to. It will throw shade on all marked winter destinations. So if you are a winter charmer then you just got lucky with this blog. The options are uncountable but some of the common tourist places that are famous for their cold weather will be mentioned in this blog.

Moola Chootak

In Balochistan, lies an enthralling ravine Chootak that is located more than 80 km away from Khuzdar, in a tehsil Moola. People en route to Moola Chootak opt for the ‘Moola Pass’ course (the gateway between Sindh and Iran) as it is the shortest distance between Balochistan and Sindh. Not only the mesmeric natural beauty of Moola Chootak compels the visitors to be in awe, but also the enjoyment of fishing as well as eating fresh mangoes of Moola, go along with it. This waterfall portrays the look of an umbrella, flowing under two mountains with interacted peaks. Another inspiring fact of Moola Chootak is the warm water temperature in winters and pleasant water temperature in summers.

Malam Jabba

Amongst mesmerizing locations of Pakistan also lies the beautiful Malam Jabba. Malam Jabba is a hill station comprising of the Hindu Kush mountain range, located at 40km from Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and at 314km from Islamabad. This is an exceptional ski resort in Pakistan, which has a historical ring to it too.

Khunjerab Pass:

Khunjerab Pass is a mountain pass that is not only eminent in Pakistan but is also labeled as the highest border-crossing pass in the world. This pass is elevated at a height of 4,693 m in the Karakorum mountain ranges and is situated on the Northern border of Pakistan and the South-West border of China. The beauty of this pass lies in its location and the mesmeric sightseeing due to the altitude it attains.


Chitral is definitely a heaven on Earth surrounded by towering mountains, captivating water, and entrancing nature. You can treasure the best days of your life by spending some time here. It is located in the Hindukush range and has Hindu Raj mountains on its western border.


A beautiful place that ticks off to be common and easily reachable for your vacations in Murree. There are many resorts in Murree situated at Lower Topa, Kalabagh, or the famous PC Burban allows you to have a nice and pleasant stay. Nature here as well the pleasant weather is always a treat to be a part of.

Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake reflects upon pure natural beauty by all means. This place has a majestic waterfall, mesmerizing lake, and majestic mountains too. Hanna Lake, located 14 km from Quetta, is exceedingly marvelous in its look. The lake gives mirror clear water surrounded by a brownish-green natural environment. The unique element of this lake is due to the island that lies right in the center of it. To reach where about the island different boats are used for the tourists.

Gorakh Hills

The Gorakh Hill Station is situated on the highest plateau of Sindh at an altitude of 5,690ft in the Kirthar Mountain Range, which is 94 kilometers away from Dadu city. These plateaus are famous for sustaining nomadic lifestyles. And wildlife here is not very common. The region is barren, with minimal agricultural activities and only native plants insight. That said, Gorakh has been the epicenter of a great deal of tourism in recent years. Largely, for being the only place in Sindh to receive snowfall in the winters.

Ormara Beach

Ormara is one of the liveliest and most popular beaches, as it has clear and calm waters. The long stretch of white sandy beach offers much tranquility and relaxation for travelers who plan to come here. The outskirts of Ormara beach is a breathtaking view of water and mountains from the ongoing highway. This is one of the most beautiful beaches because you can have amazing views of the Arabian Sea.

Kund Malir

A trip to Kund Malir Beach is a beach in Balochistan Pakistan. It is in Hingol National Park, from Zero-Point on Makran Coastal Highway. The drive between Kund Malir and Ormara is equivalent to a scenic trip to Kund Malir beach. The area is part of Hingol National Park which is the largest one in Pakistan.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq