The best Iftar and Sehar Go-Tos this Ramadan

Ramadan reschedules our usual lives and shifts our focus to Iftar and Sehar instead of lunch and dinner. These two times indicate to be the brackets of your fasting. Sehar timing is before sunrise and it is when the fast starts. Iftar timing is at sunset and at this the fast breaks. The days of this month are mostly spent meditating and then getting the Iftar/Sehar ready. As this routine is so, for an entire month thus it gets difficult at times to have variety in the Iftar/Sehar menu. What can be the best alternative of it, is to go to different places that offer you delicious Iftar/Sehar. This Ramadan you need not worry about how to decide the best Iftar/Sehar go-to’s. Because this blog has much to offer you regarding this topic.

The best places to eat in Karachi

Karachi is the best example of diverse food culture. It has so many food places all of which are distributed in several localities of the city. You can never be successful in trying all of these food places no matter how ambitious you seem to be. The food of Karachi is none other than ‘food to die for’. The richness of taste, diversity of cooking styles, and various cuisines are what this Ramadan you can experience at Iftar/Sehar timings. To eat in Karachi all you have to do is name the food you want, be it Desi, Continental, Italian, or any other cuisine. All of it will find its way to you this Ramadan if you go to the following places,

Burns Road in Karachi takes you to a wondrous food street having a variety of food. Here lie the restaurants like P.F Changs, Namkeen Shinwari, Food Centre Burns road, Cafe Lazeez, Karachi Haleem, Scholars Pizza, New Lakhpati Roll point and BBQ, etc.

Boat Basin is a paradise of yummy food places like Nihari Inn, Handi Inn, Boat Basin, Thali Inn, BBQ Tonight, Nandos, KFC, Cocochan, OPTP, Balochi Sajji, and Koyla Karahi, etc

Bahadurabad is the hub of famous food outlets including Food Break, Peking Chines Restaurant, California Pizza, Broadway Pizza, Al Kabab, Mehran Spot, Dosa Point, Naan stop, etc.

Port Grand offers many places for you to have the best Iftar and Sehar. Like Babujees, City Bistro, Chow Wow, Bayside Foodcourt, Afridi Inn restaurant, Grab and Go, etc.

Sindhi Muslim never disappoints your food cravings. As there lies Ginsoy, The Kababist, The Sauce Burger Cafe, Del Frio, Foods Inn, Bam-Bou, etc.

Karachi has several Food Streets. Every single one offers so many mouthwatering food options. So, if you plan to have a delicious Iftar/Sehar then you can go to Sakhi Hassan Food Street, New town Food Street, Dhoragi Food Street, and Gulshan Food Street.

The best eating places in the twin cities

The twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, have numerous setups of famous food places. The restaurants/cafes have much variety in the food they offer. Once you plan to go for Iftar/Sehar then surely the food options will drive you crazy in deciding which one to pick. The food diversity of twin cities can make your Ramadan exciting. So, why not plan to go out, when you have so many places as follows that satisfy your food desires?


In the beautiful Margallas, lies the various best places to eat. Driving to these places takes about 30 mins but is worth it. Daman-e-Koh is the first food spot, then comes Pir Sohawa, and its ends at Highlands

Blue Area of Islamabad has developed much in terms of food options. It has Asian Wok, Café Sol, Street one Burger, Salt and Pepper, Bar B.Q Tonight, Khoka Khola, Arabian Sea Restaurant, and many more.

Kohsar Market is centrally located in Islamabad and has many delicious food spots. For example Tuscany Courtyard, Street 1 Café, Porterhouse, The Smokey Cauldron, Mindanos, Desi Accent, Khyber Dodai, Pakhtoon Café, etc.

F-7 (famously known as Jinnah Super) and F-10 (Jinnah Super Market) are the most prominent phases because of having several food places. The abundant restaurants here attract a major portion of the population. Some of the restaurants lying in F-7 are Pappasallis, Atrio, Ginyaki, Howdy, Burger Fest, BBQ BAZAAR, Yum Chinese and Thai, ChikaChino, Kabul Restaurant, etc. Contrarily, the places in F-10 are Tandoori Restaurant, Chatta’s, Lebanese Rottiserie, Kulcha Kebab, Dodai Khyber, KFC, Italian Oven, etc.

Overall E-Markaz and G- Markaz of Islamabad also give you many food options. Like Kabacha Restaurant, Leziz Turkish Café Restaurant, Shandez Restaurant, Tayto, Feast, The Monal, Darbar Restaurant, Café Rustic, etc.


Bahria Town falls under Rawalpindi and has prominent Phase 7 and Phase 4. Phase 4 is comparatively more developed than phase 7. Some of its food places are Hot and Spicy, Dominoes, Ox and Grill continental restaurant, Ginyaki, Bull Steak House, Chaaye Khaana, Wildmen, Frost Terrace, ChikaChino, BBQ BAZAAR, The Lebanese Table, etc. Phase 7 is already having amazing food places and still, many more are on the way. The current food places of Phase 7 include Kallisto, Diva, Roasters, Cafe Trieste, Pappasalis, Baking Wonders, Presto, The Grand Food Truck, Papa roti, KFC, Mcdonalds, Asian Wok, Arab-ul Mandi, Nandos, Hamlet BarBQ, Bull Steak House, food Hub, Hot and Spicy, Zorro Broast, etc.

Saddar Rawalpindi not only satisfies shopaholics but also leaves foodies very happy. It has so many places where you can eat the best food. Such as Shinwari, Mei-Kong, Hardees, Chaaye Khaana, Monal Downtown, Ranchers, Texas Steakhouse, Artillery Mess, Coffee Castle, International Burger, and many more.

Scheme III is located centrally in a residential area and has developed much now. It has several food spots and mostly the people residing nearby find this place as a treat for them. Some places here are Tehzeeb, OPTP, Hot and Spicy, Kuku’s Hub, Dominoes, Popeye’s Burger and Fries, Zouq e Mughal, Quetta Tea point, etc

The Grand Truck Road of Pindi has so many food places on the roadside like Bait ul Mandi, Tehzeeb, Butt Karahi, Giga Mall, Amazon Mall, Builders Mall, etc. This road also leads to DHA Phase II. Where there is a big roundabout that has several constructed food places. Like Casa Rica, Spice Factory, Pizza Hut, Burnin Brownie, Mcdonalds, KFC, etc.

Written By: Aleen Tariq