Your Stay-In Options While You Journey Across Beautiful Pakistan

Traveling comes with a set of things to do throughout your trip. These things are not much of a hassle if planned in the best way. But if neglected then can result in a not an unpleasant traveling trip. One major thing on this list is to decide the places to stay in. As tourism is advancing, so are the hotels and stay-in options. So this summer, when you plan to go either up North or to other places of Pakistan for vacations. You need not worry about where you should be staying. Because this blog will be perfectly guiding you about several options best for overnight stays when headed in towards the various places.

The hotels mentioned in this blog vary in their levels, but every one of them will give you a promising experience. They not only have a wonderful stay-in experience for you but also give you many scenic views to witness. Some of them are newly constructed while others have been famously booked for a long. Your stay in any of these hotels regardless will give a much-treasured experience of staying in, by providing you with comfortable rooms, hospitable staff, wondrous views, and other memorable experiences.


Islamabad famous for its peaceful heavenly nature gives you every reason to pay a visit. The serene environment not only calms your eyes but also the brain giving you many reasons to enjoy. Islamabad has a landscape beautified with lush greenery, colorful trees, and exotic Margallas. These hills are famous for their entrancing nature and greenery with trees, various plants, and grass. Also, they had been home to much wildlife including exotic birds and a variety of animals.

This city has many stay-in options for you to fulfill your comfort and excitement level. If categorized with the level of standards then the two hotels can be prioritized. Marriot Islamabad(5 Star) and Serena Islamabad (5 Star) are located in F-5 and G-5 respectively. If you are looking for a reasonable and happy place to stay then you should opt for Margala Hotel (4 Star). The next in line is the famous Hotel Grand Islamabad(3 Star) in E-11 and Shelton Islamabad (3 Star) in F8/3, a location that gives the perfect reason to stay here.


A region with an exotic landscape and magical beauty is none other than Naran. This place offers much more to the visitors than its majestic mountains, captivating water, and picturesque greenery. Onto reaching Naran, you can have various beautiful places to explore like Saif ul malook, Naran Valley, Kunhar River, and more. So to explore all of this, you would be needing a hotel to stay.

Various hotels in Naran can be your options to stay for a memorable trip. Northern Retreat (4 Star) and Greywalls (4 Star) is the most up to standard hotel of Naran in Mansehra. These hotels are beautiful designed with the face of wooden huts and cottages that enhance the beauty along with being a comfortable stay-in-place. Then comes the Demanchi Naran (3 Star) a luxurious and safe place to stay along with being ranked as one of the high ranked hotels of Pakistan. Minerva (Decent) and Rose Valley (Decent) will also give you a guaranteed memorable and satisfactory stay when you pick either one of these hotels.


A place full of exquisite nature, one that is claimed to be heaven on Earth is none other than Hunza. Hunza valley has beautiful meadows laden with exquisite flowers showing off several colors, a mesmeric crystal blue covering of sky, and mountains inhabited by lush green, orange, a brown leafed trees. This must-have summed up all the more reasons for you to plan a trip to Hunza.

Hunza is a beautiful place to visit and now that many hotels are constructed in this region. It gives you all the more reasons to plan a trip to Hunza. Darbar Hunza (4 Star) and Moksha (4 Star) is a luxurious and very elitely constructed hotel. Much variety in Hunza is of the 3-star hotels like the Dastaan Hunza (3 Star), Al Barakat (3 Star), Eagle’s Nest (3 Star), and Hard Rock Hunza (3 Star). every single one of these hotels will give a unique experience of staying in, that would have the charm in its own way. Hunza is a very rushed and booked place so if the priorly mentioned hotels cannot be on your booked list then you can always plan to stay in Hilltop Hunza (Decent), or the Mountain Stories (Decent) hotel.


Attabad is famous for its Lake that lies at a drive of half an hour from Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. Its beauty is the reason for making it a famous touristic spot. This lake always amazes the tourists by showcasing crystal turquoise water in summers and smooth frozen surfaces in winters. Attabad Lake is a recreational place all year long, where tourists can experience different activities and make many fun memories.

Attabad can be a spot on vacation spot for you, while you reside in any of the following hotels on your trip. Luxus Hunza (4 Star) has become a word of mouth due to being beautifully designed in a scenic location. Famree Attabad (3 Star Hotel) also dies justice of staying in, as it ticks all of your desires of a satisfactory hotel. Lastly, Shishkeen Atabad (Decent Hotel) can also be a good option for your pick of the hotel.

Gilgit and Naltar

One of the famous places of Pakistan, for having the wonders of natural beauty is the Naltar Valley, which is located at the outskirts of Gilgit. Gilgit is home to many heavenly places on Earth. Traveling to either of these places, makes the visitors be in awe with its enthralling forest, majestically shaped mountains, and entrancing running water. Gilgit and Naltar are one of the first places that come to mind while planning a vacation.

On your vacations, you can book a room for your stay from the following hotels. The top marking of the hotel list has the famous Serena Gilgit (5 Star). Next in line is the famously booked Riverdale (4 Star Hotel), the hotel that is mostly pre-booked the entire year. Heaven Lodges (decent Hotel) and Naltar Ski Resort (Decent) are located in a central convenient place from where the tourist spots are easily accessible.


Shogran is a beautiful hill station in Kaghan Valley. It is a treat for your sight and for yourself to be there. The weather, nature, and beauty of Shogran are enough to make you lost within it. Some hotel options would be available for you while you travel to Shogran. The ones which are the most booked in hotels of Shogran. And offer a much comfortable environment for your happy stay.

Arcadian Shogran (4 Star) is the most elite and luxurious option for your stay-in in Shogran. It without a doubt would give you a fuss-free stay but might be a little heavy on your pocket. So if that is the case then you can always opt for the remaining hotel options in Shogran that include Pine Park (3 Star), Cedarwood (3 Star), and Lalazar (Decent). These hotels will also provide you with a guaranteed comfortable and content stay.

Nathia Gali

The famous Nathia Gali has been attracting tourists for a long. Along with its beauty and weather, the element of being located close by to the populated cities make it a much-visited tourist spot. The scenic views, pleasant weather, and many go-too options in Nathia Gali are why you should plan a trip to it.

The best points of your accommodation in Nathia Gali can start from the hotels Elite Nathia (4 Star), Summer Retreat (4 Star), and Alpine Nathia (4 Star). The higher ranking of these hotels in their standards, obviously provides you with the memorable stay. Greens Nathia (3 Star) and Amore Nathia (Decent) can also be your satisfactory and good options to stay. As they may not be of 4-star standard but definitely cater their visitors in a hospitable manner.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq