Plan the Perfect Trip to the Entrancing Beaches.

We all know how much grateful we are to have a city like Karachi, right? Regardless of some things we tend to overlook, there is so much this city has given us and the other tourists. The pleasant coastal weather, eye-catching scenery, unique aura, variety of places to eat, and above all the BEACHES. No matter how many times you plan a trip to the beach, every time it gives an exciting experience as if you are going to it for the first time. Though the main Seaview of Karachi has not been under a watchful sight for the past some time. And has been in a ruining condition now. But there are other seafronts in Karachi as well as in the nearby areas like Baluchistan.

Beaches like Turtle Beach, French Beach These beaches can be claimed to be the underrated or the less-visited ones. As they offer the beauty of an awe-striking level but still are not much visited by many. The reason behind these beaches not being one of the many famous tourist resorts could be many. One of them may be the unawareness of these beautiful water spots. As they do not lie in central or easily accessible places rather are reachable after a drive. This blog will give you an insight into an amazing day spent on the Somiani beach. And will give you all of the more reasons to plan your trip with your dear ones.

A Day to Remember to the Somiani Beach

I remember waking up to the excitement of having a fun day trip. Yet apprehensive of what will the day be all like. I have been to beaches but not many and going to Somiani was a first. The visit to Somiani Beach had many linked expectations before reaching it. But I must say, all of the expectations were cheerfully ticked after a drive of one and half an hour to the beach. Somiani Beah, unlike Hawks bay, Turtle, and French beach lies in Baluchistan and not in Sindh. Onto reaching the sandy beach, there was a wonder-struck sight that etched onto our brains forever. The dazzling sunshine reflected upon the petal-soft sand that was home to many crabs, bluebottle fish, and seashells.

While this was enough to be awe-stricken, the clear blue water came with wondrous waves of a soothing sound creating a calm, peaceful and serene aura. The first thought was to rush towards the water and there was no point in resisting it. After some time in the water while dipping feet, playing water games, and enjoying the feeling. The next thing was to move on unpacking our picnic baskets. After having the treat to eat we found ourselves back enjoying in water. Though we did not miss out on any fun on our beach day it surely ended in a blink of an eye. A memorable day trip like this can be planned to other beaches as well to experience the incomparable fun of it.

Lets Go for a Beach Day and Not Forget To Pack Some Things Away

No doubt a beach day can be full of funsies but some things tend to not be overlooked. These things after being ticked can give you a perfect trip. So here is a guide of what should not be missed out on your trip. Like the scorching sun can give you a sunburn. So your priority must be of applying sunblock and wearing shades and caps. Another thing you should cater to is keeping some precautionary gear with you. Which should include a first kid medical kit, life jacket, water tubes, and floaters. Once you have ensured these things, then nothing can stop you from having utmost enjoyment on your trip to the beach.

Keeping some spare clothes with you is never a bad idea. Water fun always leads to wet and dandy clothes that urge you to change right after the fun time is over. So once you have changed back to your spare clothes, you not only mess up the area with your sandy clothes but also have a comfortable trip back. And lastly what you do not want to miss out on is a camera. To capture the beauty of the beach and click some exotic sites to keep onto forever.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq