International Travel Guide of the Beautiful Maldives

You must have seen pictures of various places that seem to exist in an unrealistically perfect way. And also they must have made you doubt their existence. But to make you be wrong with the perception of not believing in such places. This blog will give you an insight into a country that is picturesquely perfect in its beauty and is also a part of this world- that country is none other than the Maldives. This international travel guide of the exotic Maldives will reflect upon the beautiful places it comprises.

Now that we made you believe in one of the perfect places of the world. Now you must be wondering how to witness the magic of perfection of this country. You need not worry because TripKarao has come forward with the best-designed international travel guide to the Maldives for you. Following is the list of places that mark to be the mesmeric spots of the Maldives,’


Male is one of the world’s smallest national capital and has a renowned ancient mosque and colorful buildings. Along with its beauty and progressiveness, this island also has grown into one of the most visited places in the Maldives. Male is famous for being a casual town best for wandering around and experiencing joy. Male is a must-visiting place with heritage buildings on one hand and trees and waters with welcoming shades on the other.

Meeru Island:

Located on the easternmost tip of North Malé Atoll 50 kilometers from the capital Male, this beautiful island is nothing short of a tropical paradise. As it comprises long stretches of chalky, sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. Meeru Beach offers a perfect escapade in the magical underwater world and picturesque views. Moreover, this place has plenty of activities to keep you busy & plenty of places to relax. For example by diving and snorkeling amongst the brilliant underwater life, calm dine-ins complimented with sand under your toes, and soothing Spa composure.

Paradise Island:

In the North Male Atoll, away a couple of kilometers from the Velana International Airport lies the exquisite beach of Maldives. Paradise Island has a marvelous bank of pale sand and tropical island greenery. They further lift the charm by the pristine ocean waters surrounding the entire beach of the island.  This tropical island epitomizes the ideal holiday destination with a lagoon.

There are hues of blue in underwater marine life, with coconut palms standing tall, swaying to the breezy gusts on a white sandy beach. There is also good news for surfing enthusiasts! This island also offers the best surfing areas which are easily reachable. Additionally, you can also snorkel with a wide diversity of aquamarine including sharks, rays, and fishes on the coral reef.


Hulhumale, a gem of an island, lies at the south of the North Male Atoll and is connecting to the airport as well. The island stretches across 188 hectares and has exotic palm trees and spectacular beaches. This island is a perfect fusion of urban life with the delights of island life. Hulhumale Island reflects upon and is a big supporter of green architecture. As it acquires scenic beauty and has a strict no-littering policy. It is a great place to visit a day before leaving from the Maldives or after arriving.

Maafushi Island

The Maafushi Island is at a distance from 26km from Male and is part of the Kaafu Atoll. It is one of the largest islands of the atoll. This vacation spot yearly welcomes an abundance of tourists and caters to their needs. Maafushi is famous for its cozy guesthouses and hostels which are not only affordable but are also extremely comfortable. This island has so much historical significance and touristic appeals, from historical monuments to sandbars, from diving agencies to restaurants. This island invites you to embark on a smorgasbord of activities.


Fuvahmulah’s relatively unknown diving spot is in southern Maalhosmadulhu Atoll. It’s a unique location that is relatively uninhabited and quiet making it ideal for a peaceful getaway. Fulhadhoo is two hours away from the capital city of Male. And it happens to be one of the most exquisite spots in the Indian Ocean.

Unlike other Maldivian islands, Fuhvamulah is based on volcanos, driving similarity with the Bali or Gili islands of Indonesia. Fuwamulah has lush tropical greenery and vegetation, swaying palms, and rich diversity of flora. Fuwamulah And is the only island in the Maldives with crystal clear freshwater lakes, nothing short of a paradise.

Thulusdhoo Island

Thulusdhoo is a sub-region of Addu City and is 23 km away from the Male Airport. This place is a mix of natural marshes and mangroves and shrubland in the southern part. It is also crowded with local bakeries and cafes. Moreover, it also offers the best surfing experience on the mushy sand around the calm ocean waves. These waves surely make your beaching experience a next-level relaxing escape.

Vadhoo island

Another famous island of the atoll is the beautiful Vadhoo Island. Atoll is a famous place in the Maldives, housing some of the best resorts and bucket list-worthy islands. The specialty of this island lies in the inhabitation of 500 tourists. But the unique reason behind it is the Sea of Stars- the natural phenomenon occurring here. What happens in this phenomenon- is the capturing of the attention of people from around the world. And also to lead them straight to the shores of Vaadhoo which delightfully serves countless mesmeric sights.


In the exquisite Addu Atoll lies the Maradhoo. Maradhoo Island is the best genuine Maldivian experience due to the overwhelming diving experience. Holidays in Maradhoo include diving into one of the most tranquil and untouched regions of Maldives. Interestingly, Maradhoo connects with other isles through causeways. And the Indian Ocean gusts and weather protect the natural heart shape of this coral reef. Thus, making way for a variety of marine life.

Banana Reef

Banana Reef is one of the oldest shoals of the Maldives which is part of the North Male Atoll. It has mesmerizing caves, exquisite cliffs, and stunning coral extensions. Interestingly, this diving region is named after the underwater bend on the western edge with a shape of a banana. Tourists are attracted here for the biodiversity of marine life like the barracudas, sharks, and groupers, bannerfish. All of which makes it one of the world’s most celebrated diving islands.


Feydhoo Island has a story behind its existence. It all goes back to the19th century, to the people now living between the leafy streets and tight-knit housing blocks. All of them were the inhabitants of nearby Gan island (more on that one later). When the British came in the run-up to WWII, Gan was transformed into an airbase. And the locals were shipped out to live on the next island along in the Seenu Atoll. And consequently, the next island where all were asked to move was none other than Feydhoo Island. Thus, that was when this island has a curios story to be associated with its existence.

Agusta Island

This island marks to be the most visited island due to its paradise-like existence. The nature here is just perfect and represents what an unrealistic beautiful and fantasized world would have been like. This island is majorly reachable via flights and is occupied by tourists throughout the year. This tropical heaven is a mix of relaxed getaways and plenty of watersports. All in all, this islet qualifies as a stunning holiday destination that offers sterling beach strolls around the crystal-clear lagoon!

Veligandu Island

This stunning Island happens to be the bijou of the Indian Ocean. Valingandu island is an alluring tropical paradise. It has lurching palm trees, floury sand beaches, sheer ocean water, and ebullient coral reefs, swarming with diverse marine life. This lush island has won over hearts as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the Maldives. Valingandu escapade offers peace and tranquillity which nourishes one’s soul.


Utheemu is a historical spot in the Haa Alif Atoll which previously served as the home of the admired Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan. He was the credited leader of the 16th century, for saving his people from Portuguese conquerors from the region. This place is considered special & holds great importance for the locals. Hence, this piece of paradise is a perfect tourist attraction for travelers. And mainly for the ones interested in history, nature, and cultures.

This place is coupled with rich history and picturesque natural sites. Starting with the grand Utheemu Ganduvaru which happens to be a historical dolmen where Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu resided. This island is also rich with exquisite, and breathtaking appearance. Its serene and breathtaking shores blend well with the gentle and fresh breeze. The ocean waves are melodiously striking on the pale, sandy shores.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq