Flavorsome Food Awaits you in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Different Cultural Cuisines of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that has never ceased to amaze us by the diversity of culture and ethnicity it acquires. This cultural diversity has provided a unique element of identification to our country. The Food Culture of Pakistan is an alive example of our nation’s distinctive culture, as it is not only praised but is also taken up by many other parts of the world. It will not be wrong to state that happiness amongst Pakistanis lies in eating and cooking our very own traditional food. Pakistan’s geographical provincial division has led to some noticeable cultural cuisines, which are incomparable to other global cuisines in terms of complexity, deliciousness, and taste. Writing about these complex provincial cuisines under one heading will surely not do justice to them. As individually these cuisines hold much culinary knowledge yet to be disclosed. Thus, when the focus is entirely on the provincial cuisine of Northern Areas of Pakistan, much can be told about the flavorsome food, just the thought of which makes your palette desire for experiencing the taste of it.

Northern Provincial Cultural Cuisines of Pakistan

While thinking of the Northern areas of Pakistan, makes us wonder about the beautiful natural beauty this place acquires. Let alone the fact that not only the beauty bounds us to have a glimpse of these regions, but also the characteristic taste of its cultural food dusts away all the queries regarding yummy food and compels us to plan a visit to these places. 

        Dishes of these regions

  • Go-Lee:

Go-Lee is a breakfast dish and is also labeled as Giyaling. As depicted by the name, this dish is cooked on the occasion of Giani (celebrated after the cultivation of wheat) and comprises of a flatbread made with whole-grain flour. 

  • Diram Fitti:

This dish not only has a delicious taste to it but its composition also serves the purpose of a healthy breakfast. Diram Fitti mainly revolves around a bread made out of wheat flour that is further served with apricot oil, butter, or almond.

  • Harissa:

Harissa is a delicious meat, rice, wheat, and lentil-based dish. This dish somewhat resembles haleem but has a different taste in comparison. The basic ingredient for cooking Harissa is the ghee, which gives this dish its identity in terms of taste.

  • Chapshuro:

Chapshuro takes after the baking style of Pizza. This dish holds the shape of stuffed bread and has diversity in terms of fillings. Mutton/beef/chicken filling is made with spices, herbs sauces, and other suitable things required to reach the utmost level of deliciousness.

  • Shopan:

This dish overlooks the demands of vegans but is a treat for meat lovers. Shopan is a flavor-packed mince dish, that incorporates sheep/goat meat, along with onion, red chili, flour, salt, and oil, and is served with rice or bread.

  • Gittey:

It won’t be wrong to say that Gittey is a dish similar to sausages, but has a traditional name to it. This dish is made from the intestines of animals, and also incorporates flour, salt, red chili, water, and oil. The signature shape of Gittey is like a tube with a smooth surface.

  • Hoi Lo Garma:

This dish favors the taste buds of vegans too, as it is a yummy dish cooked from mustard greens and eaten with flatbread. A common ingredient of this dish is lemon juice which is used to enhance the flavor of the dish. 

  • Buttering Daudo:

Buttering Daudo is a dish that signals the coming of the winter season. As, it an apricot soup made out of dried apricots and other ingredients, which makes the soup not only a treat to eat but also its intake has many health benefits.

The above dishes might sound unfamiliar, but once after having the experience of what they taste like, resisting yourself from not having them again becomes inevitable. Undeniably, the specialty of northern areas is also the exceptional food it offers. These places are not much exposed to pollution, which provides a pure environment for the raw ingredients to be yielded and thus, the food made out of them is not only jam-packed with flavor but also has health benefitted composition. The scrumptious food of northern areas of Pakistan reinforces the fact that the geographic versatility of Pakistan has also given a variety to the cuisines of Pakistan. As the unique taste now belongs to many dishes ranging from one made in the snow-peaked mountains to the recipes cooked in desserts.

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