The Unexplored Dazzling Beauty of Quetta

Traveling is all about the best time to reach a beautiful place with loved ones, have a delightful picnic, and enjoy the trip back home. I could not have come up with a more concise definition perfect for traveling. Though what matters the most is the place where you are going for a trip. In Pakistan, an abundant number of tourist sites are unexplored. You should always keep in mind that there is a big, beautiful world out there for you to explore. So never settle yourself with the idea that you have explored a lot but be adamant to explore much more. Places in Quetta give you the perfect example of wrongly thinking that you might have explored much of Pakistan but when in reality, you have missed out on some major beautiful spots.

In his blog, some unexplored sites by you will be shaded light upon to persuade you for considering them worth visiting places. On hearing this, some of you might get the expression of unfamiliarity with this place. But just hang on with reading, because this blog will make you explore Quetta up in your brain and get you all geared up to plan a trip to it soon. One positive aspect that you can extract out of traveling to Quetta is the chance of stopping by at various spots on your way. Depending upon what is your route, you can always stop by various beautiful places on your way. Like Moola Chootak, Kund Malir, Bolan Pass, Mehargarh, Hanna Lake, Princesses of Hope and many more options will be there for you to have a cherishable trip

Peer Ghaib

Located in the city of Quetta, at a distance of 70 km from Bolan Valley lies none other than the unexplored Peer Ghaib. A glimpse of Peer Ghaib would give you all the reasons to explore this tourist place of Pakistan. There lies a cascading Waterfall streaming down from rocky, and green mountains- inhabited by green mushy trees and plants. The land close by this waterfall gives a picturesque view and has many perfect spots for a picnic.

The history of Peer Ghaib is linked to two venerable siblings. Which were on a journey to spread Islam amongst the locals here. The pious brother and sister were devoutly preaching Islam when the fire-worshippers released an army after them. So when the moment of fleeing arose, that was when the siblings separated. The sister went down the gorge (now where now she has her purported tomb as well. Whereas the brother was headed deep into the arid landscape, he encountered a dead-end as in a rock wall. At this moment he prayed to almighty and somehow cleaved the rock for his way out. That is what made him known as Pir Ghaib-The invisible saint. And this is the very reason that lies behind the name of this beautiful tourist site

Hanna Lake

Pakistan has a landscape that offers all types of tourist spots be it land, water, hills, etc. But what I think is that as much as the land areas of our country are explored, on the contrary, the water sites are left unexplored to some extent. And one example to reinforce this assumption is considering- the less traveled Hanna Lake. Hanna Lake reflects upon pure natural beauty by all means, As this place has a majestic waterfall, mesmerizing lake, and majestic mountains too.

Hanna Lake, located 14 km from Quetta, is exceedingly marvelous in its look. In the era of the British Empire in 1894, the Hanna Lake and a reservoir were constructed at the start of Urak Valley. The lake gives mirror clear water surrounded by a brownish-green natural environment. The unique element of this lake is due to the island that lies right in the center of it. To reach where about the island different boats are used for the tourists.


Traveling to Ziarat is not much of a hassle, because you can definitely go by road as well as by air to Quetta. Either way, traveling can be full of fun and excitement. Be it a car or plane you can always enjoy the ride itself and also the awestruck views along the ride. Ziarat is the capital district of Balochistan and has an altitude of 8,850 feet. It lies almost 125 kilometers from Quetta and is inhabited by the world’s 2nd most prominent juniper bush trees. The junipers are famous for representing the genuine value of Ziarat. Many trees age almost 7000 years old in this valley.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency

Most of you mistake Ziarat and Quaid’s residency to be the same place. However, this may not be the case. Yes! Ziarat and residency are close by to each other and lie at a distance of 8 km to each other. Quaid’s residency holds significant history as this is the place where the founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah spent the last 70 days of his life. It has the most famed woody landmark, built as a sanitarium before embodying the residency of a federal agent. So, a trip to Residency means a perfect trip where you will not miss out on many wonders of nature rather witness it all, in greenish lawns, chinar trees, and blossom gardens presenting an eye-catching scene of the entire valley.

Parks of Quetta

Quetta is full of glorious places- many recreational parks. Chiltan National Park and Karkhasa entertaining parkland lie 10 kilometers distant from each other. Both are 21 kilometers distant from the fascinating Urak Valley. The approaching route to this valley is beautified by fruit plantations and barbaric rose shrubs. The end of this valley has deciduous apricot trees and orchard apple trees. At the core of Urak Valley, there is a stunning emerald Green River Hanna Lake.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq