Dive into the Picturesque Beauty of Balakot

With our naked eyes, we witness so many picturesque landscapes of Pakistan. But seldom do we come across any captured pictures that duplicate the original beauty. With the cameras, you can click the mesmeric intensity of a place, but 100% originality can never be captured. For a fact, many touristic pictures of Pakistan are beautiful and awe-stricken, but their beauty is still incomparable to what is seen of that place in real life. And this is one reason from which you can analyze how much of a paradise Pakistan is on Earth. This picture blog reinforces the idea of sharing some dwelling clicks of the beautiful Balakot. These Images have some descriptive elements with them, just to give the reader a sense of imagery. And also make them realize what they are missing out on by not traveling to the wondrous Balakot.

‘Nature is the purest portal to inner peace’- Angie Weiland

This click reminds me of the moment of entering Balakot. Excitement was there but the dominant emotion was how could a place possibly be so flawlessly beautiful. After coming back to the realization from it all and getting a hand on my camera. I took the picture without putting much effort into it at all. And this was the result- a picture that was in its own way, a perfect picture. And despite my clicking the picture, no other efforts are for the credit. As the only credit-worthy element is the place, beauty, and Balakot itself.

‘In every walk in with nature, one recieves far more than he seeks’- John Muir

The thought behind this picture was to capture from an ordinary angle to portray the extraordinary beauty of Balakot. All this picture was ever about was to focus on the wholesome nature. The mountains, clouds, and greenery were the pivotal focuses that became the guaranteed reason for the exoticness of this image. The purity and simplicity are what always make me think of Balakot.

‘On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it’- Jules Renard

The sparkly shining water in this picture makes me recall the cold, refreshing sensation of being drenched in it. It also makes me swam back to the journey of reaching such a breathtaking place. The road to it may not have been the smoothest one but the place it leads to made it worthy of it all. The rough pace of water, sparkling clear reflective surface and the pleasant cheering of the people enjoying the water is what kind of memorable attachment is of this picture.

‘Time spent amongst trees is never time wasted’- Katrina Mayer

They say staring at greenery is an anti-depressing activity, I say that there is no lie in it at all. And the sightseeing on my trip to Balakot is what made me engrave this fact. This picture is a glimpse of how much entrancing greenery is entailed in Balakot. The deep green shades of nature compel you to ponder that what a dry world would have been without it.

‘Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up’- Anonymous

The sky alone was enough to drown anyone who caught sight of it. My camera was my eye at the time of drowning in it. Balakot had not only amazed by its wondrous land but the sky was a whole exotic treat itself. The furball cotton balls in different shades of white and grey, flew amid the blue clean sky as if they were never touched with pollution. I was compelled to be distracted by the land to capture the beautiful sky lying above.


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Written By: Aleen Tariq