An International Travel Guide of Beautiful Spain

This world encloses wonders in itself and it only makes sense to say that they await you to discover them. One of such wondrous places can be counted as Spain. Currently, when traveling is considered as the least opted option to go for. Contrarily, this blog will give you hope to take forward your desires of traveling abroad. Has being home-bound made you be in vain? But you need not worry because TripKarao is all set to take you to Spain. A trip that will make you explore the beauty of Spain beyond wonders and give you many memories to cherish forever. All of this will be possible once you will go to the following tourist spots of Spain.


The second-largest city in the country is the eternal favorite of all the tourists- Barcelona. All of it is due to its majestic Mediterranean location, stunning architecture, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Let alone that this city is gorgeous itself, it has so much to offer to its visitors like the unfinished masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, magnificently designed buildings, the renowned Sagrada Familia Church etch.


This city marks to be the beautiful capital of Spain- perfect for a holiday visit. The golden triangle of art galleries is famous to have some of the applaudable works in Europe, from Picasso’s Guernica to Velázquez’s Las Meninas. The city is home to the Royal Palace, the largest in Europe in terms of floor area, and around every corner, you can discover churches, shops, and bars


Seville lies in southern Spain, is known for its flamenco culture. This is the best-considered tourist place to rediscover and explore local history while on a trip to the Real Alcázar. An example Mudéjar architecture can be quoted that has been added to by Spanish rulers over the years and is famously present in Seville. You should also not hold back in taking in the modern architecture at the Metropol Parasol, a huge, wooden structure that brings much-needed shade in the summer.


Explore Valencia’s old town and don’t miss the incredible, spaceship-like Valencia City of Arts and Sciences. it’s a futuristic complex in what was a riverbed that holds an aquarium, Imax cinema, opera house, and science museum. This city provides a full trip experience by giving you so many places to visit and things to explore to satisfy your fun trip desires.


Cordoba revolves around the Old Town, which focuses on being a Unesco World Heritage Site. It encompasses a diverse variety of Roman bridges, charming cobbled streets, and some fascinating pieces of architecture. Cordoba holds historical significance as it was the most important city during the Moorish rule of Spain in the Middle Ages, and it was home to the Mezquita, the vast Islamic Mosque built from the eighth to the 10th centuries. After the Reconquista in the 13th century, part of the mosque, rather than being demolished, was converted into a cathedral, but much of it retains the original Islamic design.


Granada is a pleasant tourist site for all ages because is like a Disney fairy tale come to life. Onto reaching this city there is a view of the stunning ancient fortress, snowcapped peaks, and winding cobbled streets. The Alhambura is one of the most famous attractions in Spain, and with a good reason, that Moorish palace sits high over the city, containing some of the best-preserved Islamic art and architecture in the world.


This, White Isle Island, is the point where the natural beauty there is mostly overlooked. Ibiza is the fun home to tiny fishing villages and quiet beaches. Recently, due to the soothing atmosphere, it has become a popular destination for yoga and relaxation retreats, too. So, whether you want to party all night or chill and rejuvenate, the island has it all.


The location of this city is majestic enough to call it a must-visit tourist place. This breathtaking mountaintop village, near Malaga in southern Spain, is most famous for the Puente Nuevo, a stone bridge that spans El Tajo gorge, a dramatic steep drop that separates the new and old towns of Ronda


Spain has so many diverse types of places to offer, but rare are any dry of them all. That is the very reason that Almeria is a highly rated and the only desert region on the continent. It is an otherworldly landscape of dusty, dry expanses and rocky outcrops, with a beautiful Moorish capital, Almeria. The landscape so resembles the American Wild West.


When you think of Spain, you likely think of dry landscapes and beaches on the Med, but the northwest region of Galicia looks more like Ireland – it’s green and wet. The Celtic feel doesn’t end with lush landscapes either, since Galicia is full of myths and legends.

The Pyrenees

Whether you like hiking, skiing, or quaint mountain villages, the Spanish Pyrenees are the ideal destination for you. Timbered houses and hearty local food are on offer, while Spanish ski resorts are a great alternative to the busier – and pricier – resorts in the Alps

San Sebastian

Like other cities, this place stands with its own specialty for the tourists as well. This elegant city, on the coast in the Basque Country, is a must for foodies. Here the Concha Beach is a beautiful, shell-shaped cove popular with families, while the nearby Zurriola Beach is great for surfing

La Rioja

Spain is famous the world over for its fantastic wines – none more so than rioja. This place gives you an insight into the manufacturing of the drink wine. It is the hub of drinks that are further exported worldwide. A visit to this city makes you understand the origin of the drink and its widespread production ways too.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq