A Memorable Corporate Trip to Naran with TripKarao

Just like the efforts of Tripkarao in chalking out any other trip for our valuable customers- this corporate was no different. That is why it ended with fully content customers and many memorable memories of the trip. This corporate trip successfully met the aim of being a fully packed one. Tripkarao first focuses on the demands of its customers. And then delivers a perfectly planned trip to the respective customers.

The trip not only fulfills the customer’s desires but also offers much more. For example the perfect accommodation, comfortable transport, and super fun and engaging adventurous activities. This blog will give you a detailed insight into how a recent corporate trip to Naran turned out to be. We are happy to share with you the experience that left us with our happy customers by the end of this trip. The following trip was of 5 days out of which two were spared for traveling to Naran and back to the home destinations


This day was marked to be the first active day of the trip. It had got everyone buckled up with excitement for what lies ahead of their day. The day started off with a scheduled corporate conference. The conference ended in the afternoon and left everyone in curiosity and what will they be doing next. This was when the TripKarao team came forward with their fully planned day. So the people were first divided into 4 teams. The team names were Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, and Red. Everyone hopped onto the transports and set off for the Naran Bazaar.

The activity planned did justice to the beautiful pleasant weather of Naran. These teams were given a list of tasks to do within a frame of time. Tasks were like making a first aid kit, getting something from China, clicking a picture in Fairy Meadows, cooking a dish, and many more. An amount of two thousand was with every team to fulfill the requirements of completing a task. As much as it sounds fun, it was more amusing while participating in it. The first day ended with lots of memorable happenings and with a riddle mindset of what the next day held for them.


So, now arrives the second day. A similar corporate conference was scheduled was this day too. And it was also the last work meeting for the trip. Today’s location was the mesmeric Dimanchi Garden, which had a hotel in its locality. After reaching Dimanchi, everyone was ready to take on the planned activities for that day. So for the 2nd day, TripKarao had yet again come up with something unique and entertaining. The teams were the same as the day before. However, the activities had a different interesting edge to them. The first one was Tug of War- which is not a new game but definitely a favorite of many.

The other one was with a Hula Hoop. In this activity, each team was stood in an enclosed circle by holding hands. And the Hula Hoop was to be passed onto the next team member without leaving each other’s hands. The last activity was similar was a paper one. in this, each member of a team was there to represent their teams. And a paper was placed in the middle of these members. Music was playing and they were circling the paper until the music stopped. After every round, the paper was folded to the size only one person could stand on it and win. This day had the perfect end to it just to sum it up as the cherry on top. As a Qawali night was arranged afterward and a bonfire.


This day was the last active day of the trip. And the main focus was to explore the beautiful spots and surroundings of Naran. So, everyone eagerly woke up early morning and were en route to Saif -ul-Mulook. Words can never be enough to describe the beauty or reflect upon the magic of this place. As the trip was a short one, so, despite the desire to stay longer, everyone came back to Naran by afternoon. After that, everyone got involved in either rafting, ziplining, or trekking. The night was followed by the perfect end to the trip with the festive Gala Dinner in Dimanchi.


This was a brief reflection of what a corporate trip with tripkarao feels like. TripKarao awaits to take you onboard for a promising trip to the wondrous sites of Pakistan and also beyond the borders, by its already designed and customized trips. So, now planning a delightful trip is not your responsibility when TripKaarao is here to give you the best traveling experience. Not just Honeymoon but other yearly traveling plans/ vacations are now easily possible with TripKarao. As, TripKarao is all set to ensure you the best memorable trips for a lifetime, to the most exotic places and with the experience of bundles of joy and fun. The process of planning a trip with tripKarao is very convenient and can easily be your cup of tea. So, if you are all set to plan a trip that this is the link you should be going for https://tripkarao.pk/plan-your-trip.

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Written By: Aleen Tariq