A Guide to the Scenic Soon Valley

Why Visit Soon Valley?

Pakistan has many wonders to visit, for it is a country full of mesmeric places. By the beauty of nature, in the depth of water, amongst the mightiness of mountains lies the Soon Valley. A haven that satisfies all of the desires of a traveler while planning for an astounding trip. Soon valley is inhabited by various majestic trees and is a sanctuary to diverse wildlife.  The beautiful sites lying in this valley are the reason for its mesmerizing beauty.

Where is Soon Valley?

Soon Valley is located in the northwest of District Khushab, Punjab has mild to pleasant temperatures in summers and cold in winters. Its initial point is at Padhrar village and its ending point is at Sakesar which is the highest peak of the salt range. Soon Valley is 35 miles long, with a width of 9 miles, and the total covered area underlying it is 300 square miles.

Sakesar is lucky enough to be the only mountain in Punjab when it comes to receiving snowfall. The ideal location of Sakesar is justly taken up by PAF. As a Radar Base is constructed at this place. Besides being a  site for high-powered radar, providing air defense over the northeastern part of the western wing. This base is considered the most beautiful resort for excursions and picnics for the officers.

Various towns and villages are enclosed in Soon valley, the most prominent of them all is Naushera town. The reason behind this town’s significance is the presence of high hills, beautiful lakes, jungles, natural pools, ponds, and ancient civilization ruins. Geographically Naushera is claimed to be the heart of the Soon Valley as it is located right at the center of it.

Where To Visit in Soon Valley?

Engulf yourself in the enthralling land of Pakistan by planning a trip to Soon valley. The picturesque vistas of this valley can be witnessed once traveled to the following places,

  • Uchali Lake: Uchali lake holds the most significant tourist attraction. It is situated in Sakesar at a height of 1,522 m. Unusually this lake is formed due to the absence of drainage on the range. Uchali lake makes you in awe with its entrancing scenery and also takes you up to experience boating and other recreational activities.
  • Khabeki Lake: Khabeki lake is connecting to Uchali Lake en route from Kalarkahar or Talagang. The mesmeric nature and it is a sanctuary for migrating birds is the reason why Khabeki lake is the best for sightseeing. A trip to Khabeki Lake includes going to restaurants, boardwalks, gazebos, cycling, boating, fishing, etc.
  • Jhalar lake: Jhalar Lake is the best place for peace seekers. this tourist site arises a sensation of deep calm and peace among travelers. Various towns and several villages enclose Jahlar lake in the southern Salt Range of hilly areas. This lake is not home to much marine life. But its beauty is alone enough to make it a worth visiting place
  • Kanhatti Garden: Kanhatti garden has a breathtaking vista, amongst captivating waterfalls and scenic views. It attracts tourists due to it being a camping, trekking, and sightseeing site. Many rocky slopes of Kanhatti Garden are etched to make trails. Where the tourists can enjoy the beauty of hiking on foot.
  • Daip Shareef: Daip Shareef is home to many tourist water sites. It comprises a small waterfall, ponds, and water springs. Kufri village in Soon valley leads to the breathtaking Daip Shareef. The water here is absolutely clean, pure, and sweet. People from all over the valley come here to pay their homage to this sacred place because of a saint Siraj Ud Din Naqshbandi.



Written By: Aleen Tariq