A blog to decide your traveling route via Motorway or GT Road

Traveling is definitely one of those activities that demand your time. It does not mean having some fixed amount of time to spare but it varies with your trip type. The traveling time depends on the distance and some other factors. Your approach should never be to travel within an insufficient time. Because this is a reason that will snatch the true essence of traveling funsies from you.

Traveling within Pakistan gives us several options for beautiful places to visit. And so makes many of us fond of traveling. Pakistan being a developing country has much tourism to be explored yet. But that does not mean that Pakistan’s tourism hasn’t evolved. The routes and roads to different places are very established and developed. Also now we have a variety of roads and highways to choose from while we plan a vacation somewhere. The two main roads are Motorway and GT road.

This blog will give you an insight into how the traveling experience differs from the road you take for the route. And if you are interested and other relevant blogs then check out the link below,


The Resting Spots and Food Places

Motorway has very comfortable resting points but is located at a distance from each other. So while traveling from the motorway you have to be mindful of the wait that occurs with stopping over for these areas. t on reaching, the resting areas are full of comforting services and good food options for you.

G.t Road offers a marked variety of resting areas located at a very small distance from each other. So this erases any hassle of missing a resting area and waiting a significant traveling time to reach the next one.

The Scenic views and Surrounding Areas

Motorway focuses on the peaceful and uninterrupted drive. When on Motorway you can see the scenic and green villages on the side of the roads. But Motorway does not direct any diversion towards any of the surrounding areas.

Let’s say GT road should be your pick if plan on stopping by in the nearby mesmeric areas. Because this road is the most convenient connecting road for all such beautiful places.

So basically Motorway is all about enabling us to enjoy our drive with views and scenery. Whereas GT road not only gives us the views but also makes those places accessible and reachable.

The Traffic Congestion and Traveling Duration.

Ok so if you plan to have a rush-free drive without frequent breaking then your choice should be Motorway. On the contrary, if you are seeking a more active and busier road then you should travel via GT road.

Actually, the structure of the motorway emphasizes rush-free roads with minimal chances of any kind of traffic congestion. GT road is mostly congested with traffic including heavy vehicles load.

Weather and Time influence on either Road

In Pakistan, we are all familiar with the changing seasons and their consequences. so in the fog season, the motorway should be not an option after daylight due to the unsafe drive. But GT road can be an option as the traffic congestion on it does not make the fog element that much hazardous.


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Written By: Aleen Tariq