Important Tips for traveling this Ramadan

Traveling is something not new to the majority and is experienced differently by every single individual who goes for it. This is also one reason why traveling is something exciting, exhilarating, and engaging for many. It gives you many reasons to explore, discover and venture into the beautiful world we all unfamiliar with. Traveling is such an activity that convinces many to opt for it and also obliges many to take it up as a hobby. This Ramadan many of you could fall into either of these categories of travelers.

Ramadan comes with a lot of possibilities to experience that are different from normal routine lives. Traveling is one of them, which when done in Ramadan leaves you with a unique experience. Though the thought of traveling in Ramadan seems a little unusual. But a proper pre-planning encounters all the relevant challenges that come with traveling in Ramadan. This Ramadan you can plan to travel along with you also fulfill your other desires. All you have to do is take care of some things and act upon important traveling tips as follow,

Chalk out the best spots to travel to:

Where you travel in Ramadan should be the foremost thing to be ticked. The places indulged in pleasant weather should be marked by you as the tourist spots. Northern areas of Pakistan give you the perfect gateway to the vacational paradise. These regions not only satisfy your pleasant weather conditions but also make you in awe by their encompassed beauty. If you do not chalk out the best place from the map to travel. Then the main aim of having a memorable experience by traveling in Ramadan, will not be fulfilled.

Schedule traveling time appropriately:

In Ramadan, traveling time requires a little extra effort for scheduling. This is because you should prefer that your traveling time does not clash with the Aftaar/Sehar timings. Because while traveling your main aim should be to not have any overlapping activities. This might end up making you miss out on some things you had planned before the clash happened. On the contrary, even if it happens to be so that the Aftaar/Sehar timings collide with your traveling time then an alternative should be planned. Rather than disliking the confused timings of things happening, you should prioritize what is more worth of sparing time from your list of ‘Things to do’.

Pack up some snacks and drinks with you:

While setting off for traveling in Ramadan, you should put in some extra time to pack your traveling bag. Because in Ramadan you shouldn’t risk not carrying anything to eat or drink with you. Sometimes traveling comes up with unusual circumstances that do not go as per plan. So, in that case, you should carry snacks and drinks with you that help you in having Aftaar, Sehar, or nibbling at any other time of the day. Doing so will give you peace of mind and you can also end up sharing these snacks with some of your traveling companions

Carry a First Aid Kit for traveling:

Despite traveling in Ramadan, a must take-along for traveling with you is a First Aid Kit. This kit probably will not be used in your every traveling trip, but this fact should stop you from carrying it. As at unknown times, the unusuality of situations might urge you to use this kit. Thus, while keeping this viewpoint in mind you should carry a first aid kit while traveling this Ramadan. With a first aid kit, you should not overlook the fact of traveling with certain precautions in this COVID. Pack some pairs of disposable gloves, masks, and sanitizers that would help you and might also some of your travel buddies.

Ensure to not forget the main purpose of Ramadan while you travel:

Traveling can always make you explore wonders and witness undiscovered beauty. You can do the same while you travel this Ramadan. But one thing you should ensure beforehand traveling, is to take a moment and recall the magical element of this month. Rejuvenate your understanding and teachings of this month. And after ensuring all of this, you should pre-allot the time to spare for exclusive religious practices on your vacational trip. Praying, meditating, fasting, etc. will help you remember the essence of this month and not let you get drawn by it while traveling.

Travel to relax and to not exert yourself:

Ramadan comes with its charm and offers us the concept of fasting. The Sehar/Aftaar timings demand the main time and focus of the day. When you plan to travel this month, pre-plan everything that helps you to relax and give comfort. You can also take along some reading books, sketchbooks to trace drown nature or binoculars to sight-see. Never overlook some factors of traveling that might end up tiring you. Such as long traveling hours, dehydrating unpleasant weather, trip activities making you sleep deficient, etc. Be very concerned about your traveling plan and make your checklist accordingly. Prioritize your meditation, peace-seeking, and relaxing activities this Ramadan while you travel.

Do not comprehend traveling in Ramadan same as traveling at any other time of the year:

Traveling is always a fun experience to be a part of and the same is the case when done during Ramadan. Traveling in Ramadan comes up with the same fun element but requires some different planning. You should mentally register this viewpoint before you plan to travel this month. Because if not done so, then there is a slight chance of you being disappointed by how things roll. If you travel a lot and this is your first-time travel in Ramadan, then you should accept the fact that a different style of experiencing things will come your way. When taken care of the above various tips then Ramadan gives you a unique and memorable traveling experience. An experience that is not similar to your usual traveling at any other time of the year and proves to be worth planning for.

Written By: Aleen Tariq