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Planning a trip undeniably comes along with the feeling of excitement for the trip yet to be experienced. Contrarily, apprehensions also stick up in the mind, while thinking about an impeccably planned and perfectly experienced trip. Planning a memorable trip, especially an international one, demands your major investment in doing homework for the worth-visiting locations you plan to visit, the financial budget requirements to be fulfilled along with the visa process, and the calculation of sufficient time to be spared for the trip in the most suitable time of the year.

Doing so pays off in big ways by making you experience a lifetime memorable trip but the undeniable fact about it is that it is the most time-consuming contribution while planning a trip and can be a reason- you postpone when going on a trip. Isn’t it so? But not anymore, as TripKarao, the most reliable travel companion, has come up with a reliable and detailed international travel guide that provides all the relevant information ‘you’ would be needing for an amazing international trip. 

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In Europe alone were registered 713 million international tourist arrivals or about half of the total number. Southern and Mediterranean Europe drove the growth; however, the Western and Central European countries remain not only the most visited in Europe but also the top tourism destinations in the world. The main touristic countries are as follows,


 The Netherlands is a tourist’s fantasy that encloses culture and history in its modern lively cities. This country should be on your ‘To Visit List’ if you want to explore heritages, natural beauties, and aesthetic architecture. This Country is known for its diverse culture, the values of its people, its countryside, nightlife, and so many mesmeric places like Amsterdam, Tulip Garden, Rotterdam, The Hague, Maastricht, and many more. With famous cheese, tulips, coffee shops, and top places to visit in the Netherlands. It also contains coastlines that have sandy beaches and enthralling dunes. Much land of the Netherlands consists of tourist attractions in the form of artistic windmills, scenic canals, and beautiful historic centers.


Mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is the second most visited country in Europe.  Around 81.8 million travelers stepped into Spain in 2017 alone, 5 million more than in the previous year. Spain has 47 UNESCO world heritage sites, numerous beaches on the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and numerous festivals that bring together people from all across the world. Many have compared the coastal part of Spain with tropical islands. The variety of foods, in particular the Tortilla Espanola, Pisto, Paella, Paella, and other traditional foods have added the value of a trip to Spain. Its football teams are among the most famous in the world. It is estimated that the Copa Del Rey championship attracts thousands of visitors yearly.


The world’s most visited country, France, is not all about the Eifel Tower, museums, and wine. For more than a decade now, the country has lured the highest number of visitors, more than any other European or world country. The reasons for that are not a few. The country has such a variety of tourist attractions that a year would not be enough to see and experience everything that it has to offer. France is well known for its numerous splendid and enormous palaces, castles, and cathedrals all across the country.

The Palace of Versailles, the Castle of Chambord, and the Notre Dame Cathedral are some of the most famous. Medieval villages like the Pérouges, St-Émilion, St-Jean Pied de Port, coastal villages, snowy mountains, beautiful beaches, and enormous outdoor markets have made every traveler place France in their must-see list.  Over 86 million visitors alone visited the country in 2017, and the numbers are believed to be much higher in 2018. France seems to be the top world destination since 1995 when the country received over 60 million visitors.


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