Many Fun activities to experience



“Skiing is the next best thing to having wings”

Snowy winters are pleasing for many, because of the enjoyable moments one can cherish with snow.  Many sports allow sheer fun and dust away all the boredom when being in the snow. One of which is Skiing, it is a snow sport that does not bound people to be professional at it only but can also be taken up as a hobby by some. Mostly by those, who live in such areas where there is seasonal snowfall. Skiing is also a means of transport in snow, and so is done commonly by the people in polar regions. It requires two skis (skiing boots), worn on foot, and two ski poles that help the skier maintain balance and have grip while skiing. The beginner skiers are given with some optional aided equipment which helps them to learn fast. When the beginner phase of skiing is overcome then the aided equipment is no longer taken up by the skier. There are many recreational spots for skiing in Pakistan, where families tend to go on vacations for having an amusing time. Skiing is diversified into two types, depending upon the steepness of the land where it is done. Cross-Country skiing is mostly for beginners or first-time skiers and is done on comparatively flatter land with few hills. Downhill skiing is all about steep mountain slopes designed for high-speed skiing and which is recommended for skiers having experienced skiing before. Skiing allows a sense of freedom because it is totally up to the skier, how to balance the skis, or the desire to choose where to go. When some people dread having no fun in the snow, skiing is the best possible outcome for such an approach. If having this approach, still worries you for coming up with a suitable plan for skiing. There should be no more room for worrying, as TripKarao provides the best plan for you to experience this recreational activity. 


“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”

To be fascinated by the existence of the water bodies is justifiable due to the immense undiscovered world that exists there. The excitement of exploring the underwater world has led to many activities and sports that let people indulge in the water and be a part of the amusing fascinations that lie there. Snorkeling is a recreational underwater activity of swimming on or through the surface of the water. It lets you observe the exciting underwater life without the training or equipment needed for scuba diving. Snorkeling equipment includes a snorkel tube, diving mask, and swim fins, with a swimsuit for cooler waters. As much as it sounds exciting, it is more fun experiencing it. Who needs to learn swimming when you can go underwater while snorkeling! Tripkarao has picked up snorkeling as an activity for its trip itinerary. Go snorkeling with Tripkarao, to experience adventure below the horizons and delve into the great underwaters. Wondering if snorkeling is for you, one who fears water? Well, do not worry because you won’t have to breathe underwater for that and it’s fun and easily doable, once all the precautionary measures are ticked. Simple equipment and our helpful instructors await you at the snorkeling paradises in Pakistan. Snorkeling leads to many surprising discoveries regarding water. It is not only a fun activity to be a part of physically but also astounds our thinking about the underwater world. Most of us, are still unaware or unexposed to the beauty that is held underwater, be it due to water species or the natural marine world comprising of miraculous plant types like a coral reef or seaweed, unique sand composition, majestic sea shell families, and whatnot. No doubt, the land is inspiring in its magnificence but is still incomparable to the exquisiteness of the underwater world. 

Scuba Diving

Diving is an investment of time and money but the rewards can be life-changing literally’

We usually overlook the fact that water is about 70% of this planet and thus holds a significant mystic world in itself. To explore this magical world, one has to leave behind all of the obstacles coming in the way while planning to go on a venture underwater. Scuba diving is the best activity that lets you explore what breathtaking aspects have you been unaware of while being on land and not having a chance to see what the underwater world holds. This activity is designed to enable humans to experience underwater life, with all those essentials required to survive underwater for a limited time. While being ready and putting on the scuba diving suit, makes the scuba diver resemble the characteristic inherent which marine animals acquire. Scuba divers to some extent experience and get to know about the inimitable life of water as compared to the life sustained on land. For scuba diving, equipment is the most essential part of it as without which this activity is not possible. Diving Mask, Snorkel, Gloves, Fins, Scuba Suit, Oxygen Tank, and Regulator make up the scuba diving apparatus. All of this necessary equipment, makes scuba diving look like a little demanding activity, right? But on the contrary, if there is a premium travel companion for you that takes full charge of the equipment and locates the perfectly suitable sites for scuba diving, then calling it a demanding activity will not be justified. TripKarao has chalked down a plan that sets you off for a wonderful scuba diving experience and makes you one of the few lucky ones to have had the experience of doing scuba diving.


‘Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration’

 Snow peaked mountains, snow-blanketed land, and snow-covered trees, all of this is a treat to the eyes that see and the hands that feel. What could be more pleasing to these sensations is being able to completely indulge in the joyful snow. This can be done by going sledding, an enjoyable snow activity. For this fun activity, there has to be a sled, made of wood or any hard material and is designed to slide and not be impregnated in snow. There are no wheels attached to it and it’s in a form of a plain smooth surfaced board. People can do sledding either by sitting on the sled or by standing, but standing surely requires practice, balance, and experience. Sledding provides the sledder a sense of freedom, as it makes it feel free to travel on snow from one place to another without having the urge to walk on foot instead. The sizes of sleds vary by the sledder, depending upon the weight, height, age, and the number of people on board. Sledding is also taken up as a common means of transport in snowy regions as doing so avoids the chance of slipping, and avoids being stuck deep in snow and also it is an easy alternative for other hassled ways of transports in snow, be it with a vehicle or by foot. Sledding surely is a pleasing activity but certain things should be taken care of while aiming for this sport. So, to ensure safety along with fun while sledding, TripKarao offers the best plan for sledding, which makes the customers not to worry but only to hurry to have fun whilst sledding.


“Just once try to fly with zero worries”

Looking at the skies, being amazed by the birds, and wondering what kind of experience would it be to fly- is a thought that seemed unachievable to many. To put an end to this unfeasible perception, an activity like paragliding makes the fantasized desire of flying, a reality. Paragliding is a very adventurous and courageous activity. Only those who are brave at heart choose to practice it as a hobby or a sport. On the contrary, the doubts that are consider paragliding, a daring activity, are only justified when one had not experienced paragliding. Because once you have been able to experience paragliding, the thrill keeps on compelling you to do it again and again. This recreational activity has gained fame and is still becoming very popular worldwide. Mountainous and hilly areas are the perfect suitable site for paragliding. The minimum and maximum height for paragliding is fixed and is set while keeping in mind the safety of the gliders as well as according to the requirement for performing this activity cautiously. With the innovation of equipment, paragliding is claimed to get safer day by day. It requires a parachute, harness, helmet, and glasses. For recreational trips starting from sky height, paragliding is the perfect opportunity to cut off from daily routine and relish scenic horizons. Now, Tripkarao plans paragliding for you, making you spread your wings and journey across the vast skies for enjoying a picturesque eagle-eye view of the landscapes and take amazing photos for lasting memories. Reaching out from the skies to the land, makes you experience the glory of land from an angle never seen before. An unforgettable way to experience the beauty of the cities and the surrounding areas.


“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles” 

On a sunny pleasant day, going by the river, having fun quality time with family and doing fishing together, what more could be asked for a day well spent. This is the most fun way to spend leisure time as fishing neither requires much pre-planning nor is an age-restricted activity. Fishing is an act of using a fishing rod, with a bait to catch the fish out of the water. It is adopted as a traditional occupation done by fishermen for the sake of earning. On the contrary, fishing is also taken up as a hobby, for the sake of relaxation and enjoyment. Going by the river, being amused by the diverse fish variety, and doing fishing to have a good delicious meal by the end of the day, is what drives many to go fishing and making the most out of this delightful activity. Fishing doesn’t require much of the equipment, as all it needs is a fishing rod and a riverside. The pleasant feeling when being successful in catching the fish is incomparable to any other feeling of achievement. Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed doing alone as well as with a group of people, it varies according to a person’s nature. It is commonly done by aged people including grandparents, as it has an element of old memorable pastime associated with it. Undeniably, fishing is more fun when all of the fishing trips are chalked out most enjoyably by someone else. TripKarao offers you with best fishing experience ever, by taking responsibility for a fun fishing time. This means all that is required on your behalf is the exciting mindset for fishing, apart from that nothing is there for you to worry about.


“Sailing a boat calls for quick action, a blending of feeling with the wind and water as well as with the very heart and soul of the boat itself”

The sensation of sightseeing entrancing valleys and beautiful nature in surroundings, whilst boating is a lifetime experience. The smooth blowing of the wind, rhythmic chirping of birds, and the tranquil sound of water waves are a few of the many things one can cherish while planning to go boating. Boating might not seem to be a fun activity but when experienced, it makes all the boring perceptions regarding it fade away and prove to be wrong. Boating allows you to enjoy the journey by being on the surface of the water. There are beautiful islands, full of natural beauty, a visit to which can be made part of the boating venture. This activity is very much amusing itself, whereas other factors like the pleasant weather, the beguiling water waves, the enthralling fish add up to the mesmerism of boating. The boating experience can be made even more enjoyable in the presence of the right company, with a picnic basket full of snacks and drinks, and when the right route is chosen. Is this all too much to ask while doing pre-planning for boating? Well even if it is, it’s not your headache anymore because TripKarao is all set to take you for boating after ticking all of the things on the ‘to-do list’. Boating makes you realize about the wonders of nature; one has been overlooking by staying only on land. For boating, every boat varies with its capacity of people it can carry and to ensure safety life jackets are given to all onboard along with instructions in case of any emergency. 


‘Nothing will ever equal that moment of exhilaration when you feel yourself flying away from the earth’

Who does not envy, being able to see the world from a height that seems unapproachable to humans? However, many activities are designed in such a way that can easily enable us to first attain a certain height, then a gradual descend and while doing so, have a bird’s eye view of the captivating land we live on. One of such height driven activities includes paramotoring. This activity is like paragliding, as it follows the same aerial dynamics for the overall activity but differs when it comes to its equipment. For paramotoring, mainly a motor is required along with a parachute, harness, and helmet. Once in the air, the pilot controls and oversees the direction where and how the parachute should be headed. In doing so, the pilot is responsible for controlling the speed thrust via throttle, steering the parachute, and pulling brake toggles when needed Paramotoring is an activity that makes you realize the beauty of the world when seen from a bird’s eye view and it is an experience like what it feels to be able to have wings. It has an awe-inspiring approach to it, as paramotoring is all about going opposite to what a human is naturally capable of doing and allowing him to fly. It is a unique yet exciting activity which obliges the people to experience it at least once in their lives, especially to those people who love heights and are thrill-seekers. So, if you are a height person and want to experience paramotoring then TripKarao is providing you with the best possible trip outline to have the best electrifying paramotoring experience.


To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles’

Being able to cut yourself off from the stresses of the world by going on a journey set by foot, is a very adventurous and pleasing way of enjoying life. Doing so, not only helps you physically but mentally too, as letting yourself close to nature is a source of relaxation and happiness. To attain this sense of mental – physical satisfaction and recreation, trekking is the best solution for it. Trekking is the on-foot venturous activity, that makes you sink into the nature of the world instead of the stressful realities of life. There are no definite boundaries or rules set for trekking, this way trekking becomes a more exhilarating way of spending quality time. Trekking sites can vary depending upon the person’s trekking place of interest, it can either be a hilly/ mountainous area, a valley with a side lake flowing by, or any other picturesque location. This activity does not have a fixed set of rules for trekkers, thus makes it more fun and an easy-going activity. However, certain things should be checked while planning to trek. Frequent hydration should be observed, energy-packed snacks should be packed and knowledge about the trekking site should be known beforehand when going trekking. Trekking is an activity that is purely subjective to the trekker’s desires and interests and thus goes according to the plan of being an adventurous and explorative journey. No doubt, the more thrilling and enlivening trekking plan is chalked out, the more memorable and fun trekking becomes. TripKarao is here, to enable you to make some memorable memories while trekking, that lasts with you forever and especially when you recall the most joy able moments of your life.

Star Gazing

‘I am not the one to forget that I stargaze to put the pieces of my scattered dreams together’

Let alone the fact, that the thought of this world’s mightiness is beyond the human brain’s ability to perceive, as the space and cosmic composition of this universe is also a fascinating and exhilarating expanse. Just a glimpse of the mesmeric stars, from the Earth, leaves you awe-inspired and startled. Stargazing is an activity that involves the sightseeing of the starry sky, to see the breathtaking existence of astrological stars, planets, and other cosmic bodies. This activity is mostly done at night time when the absence of sunlight makes the sky dark, and the shining sparkling stars can easily be stargazed. There is no fixed rule of not stargazing in the daytime, but doing so can’t be done with an unaided eye and requires some type of optical apparatus. It is a very peaceful past time activity, as there is not much of any physical exertion required and all it takes is to observe the celestial objects in the sky. Stargazing is all about witnessing cosmic bodies from Earth by an unaided eye, telescope, or binocular. Stargazing indulges you in a magical world, makes you wonder about the mystic existence of astrology, and makes you at peace with your heart. Being blown away is not only what stargazing is all about, rather the unique beauty of celestial objects is what makes the person in awe with it and compels one to stargaze again and again. Tripkarao adds up to the fun and level of amazement while stargazing, by ensuring the best way of experiencing this activity. Cherish stargazing, while you still have TripKarao by your side.


‘The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind’

There are many sports, activities, skills that were initially originated in the time of our ancestors and are still carried out by having a modern take on them One of which includes archery, a bow and arrow-oriented activity that was initially taken up by the ancient people for defense from the enemies. However, now it is taken up as an enjoyable and engaging activity/hobby/time-pass practice by many. There are several archery competitions, which prize the winners and are arranged for the sake of enjoyment and entertainment. Archery is all about aiming the bow and an arrow to hit a set target. Doing this activity also gives a sense of focus and achievement when hit on the allotted target. Not only physical participation is demanded in archery, but also cognitive involvement is needed. Unlike the present era, when anyone can do archery if they eagerly intend to irrespective of their gender, some time back archery was considered to be a male figure-oriented sport and was not considered suitable for women due to the strong physical participation it revolves around. Archery is an engaging and fun activity, once you are aware of all its rules and ways of doing it. It can be done either way indoor and outdoor. The enjoyable element of archery is amplified when done in the right way, under the right directions, and with mentored supervision. So, to fulfill these requirements, TripKarao has come forward and planned to give you the best archery experience ever, even when you have no clue how it goes, everything will be sorted out and made enjoyable for you.


‘Chairlift needs to be in some places so that we can to get views without having to hike to them’.

Living on land has made us witness many wonders of nature. but what is yet to be seen are the same wonders but from a sky height view. Because having the heightened approach makes it look more captivating as compared to when seen while being on land. Being able to witness a beautiful view, when suspended in the air, and not doing much physically but just sitting and enjoying the aerial ride is what chair lifting is all about. A chairlift is designed as an elevated passenger chair, attached to the strings, that amazes passengers by showcasing the breathtaking sites from a certain height. Riding a chairlift gives a sense of excitement and seems all so surreal to have a glimpse of the mesmerizing nature from a certain height. Be it viewing of the snow-peaked mountains, crystal blue flowing water, or enriched greenery, all of it makes the time spent on chair lifting, worth sparing. This activity can be done at any time be it day or night, as the mesmeric and enthralling element is present for both times but acquires some unique sightseeing.  Chairlift varies with the number of passengers it can load depending upon the space capacity of it. The speed of it is also marked in such a way, which is suitable for people of every age group. Chair lifting is indeed an experience that can be cherished by all, as it is a pleasing activity that makes every moment memorable. TripKarao wants to be the reason for your happiness and that is why has come up with ways plans to make you experience chair lifting, in the most treasured way.

Cliff- Diving

‘When you stand at the edge of a cliff, jump to fly, not fall’

The wonders of nature have many astounding places that contribute to the exquisiteness and daintiness. Cliffs are usually one of the most scenic parts of nature. The rocky edges, enriched greenery patches, and the view of entrancing water down the cliff make it a site to see and visit. The visit to a cliff can become more fun when visited with the intention of cliff diving. Cliff diving is the most cherished way of diving, and it allows the person to be fully captivated by the mesmeric nature. This activity is usually done in the daytime when the sunlight is falling on the cliff and reflecting by the water. This time seems to be safe for cliff diving and avoids the chance of facing any sort of negligence. Diving into the river from a cliff requires a lot of courage but once the apprehensive approach is overcome then there is no stopping from cliff diving and the thrill of it keeps on making you experience it again and again. The feeling of witnessing the underwater world and being able to interact with marine life is what makes cliff diving worth doing. It is an activity that leaves the diver, to feel the sensation of incomparable thrill and venture. Cliff diving must be done after taking some precautionary measures. To have the required cautious approach for this activity is not for you to worry about, as TripKarao makes you experience a safe yet exciting cliff diving experience. An experience that will be marked as one of the most memorable ones.

Jet Ski

‘They don’t want you to jet-ski, they don’t want you to smile.’

When there is a thought of planning a holiday, the first satisfactory place that comes to our minds is a water place or maybe by a beach. Because these places are easily reachable if they are a part of the city we live in. While planning a holiday by the water, many activities could be mentioned in the ‘to-do list’ that make the holiday even more memorable and fun. One of the activities that must be jotted down on the top of the ‘to-do list’ is Jet-Skiing.  Riding on the water surface, feeling the splashes of water, and listening to the ocean is what one can experience on Jet-Ski. It is a watercraft designed for a limited number of people and can be claimed as a modern way of traveling on water. People exclusively plan their weekends for the jet skiing venture because it is a fun, thrilling, and exciting activity. Unlike boating, the jet ski has an advanced motor system which comparatively makes it a faster, modish, and innovative type of activity. The perfect location in the most suitable weather is what makes the experience of a jet ski, one to be a part of. TripKarao has all the brains in the process of devising such an experience of jet skiing that does justice to the eagerly anticipated experience, you have been awaiting. So, all that is required from you, is to ignite that level of excitement and leave the rest to TripKarao.


After a day’s walk, everything has twice the value’

In the busy lives, we all are a part of, using technology for relaxation is not justified when other outdoor activities can we go after for the sake of having a better positive outcome and letting go of all the stresses of life. Hiking is the best and easy activity one can opt for, as it is a healthy and joyful activity. As it is all about exploring and dusting away your life stresses by going on a venture of hiking and realizing the true meaning of happiness. Hiking not only provides you with enjoyment and fascinations but also positively impacts your health. It is something one can go for when there is nothing else to do, hiking can be the best productive solution for boredom. No definite, rules limit someone from hiking, as one must pick a route, pack the edible things up, and start their venture of hiking and this is an activity that can be done in any season of the year Hiking is somewhat like trekking but is less exertive as it simply depends to the way hiker wants it. There are many positive aspects associated with hiking, as one can be able to explore different places, inhale the fresh air, be close to nature, and realize what more there is to life. To be the reason for a positive experience of hiking, TripKarao takes up the responsibility of taking its valuable customers for hiking and making them a part of a lifetime experience.

Desert Safari

‘Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show’

Most of the things that we can do to have some fun time vary with the extent of the spine-tingling element they acquire. We come across many activities while choosing from which one to go for. All of them variably range in the element of thrill and excitement they acquire. One activity that is the most thrilling of them all and bounds us all to experience it is Dessert Safari. This is not an activity for the pigeon hearted people, yet this is an activity when not experienced, one has not lived life to the fullest. As depicted by the name, Desert Safari is a desert located activity in which a heavy vehicle like a jeep, gets the passengers on and drives most thrillingly. Those who have experienced desert safari are always looking for another chance of experiencing it again, regardless of what type of opinions they held about desert safari before experiencing it. This clearly shows how much excitement, fun, and exhilaration, this activity endeavors. There is no justifiable fear, that should come between you and the life experience of desert safari, as at the end of the day it’s the memorable experiences of life that make it up to you. While ensuring the customers for having this experience, TripKarao has taken up the charge of acting as a bridge between the customers and the thrilling memorable experience of desert safari. It will be an experience similar to a roller-coaster but done in a desert.


‘So, throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor’

When it comes to fun with water, most people go swimming. But what if you are not a swimmer or are not fond of that sport? Then kayaking is the thing you need. Kayaking is using a watercraft having a shape similar to a canoe/boat and is used to travel across or on surface water, and is propelled by a double-bladed paddle, like on a lake or river. It is not a common means of traveling but is used in areas where land is split by water bodies. Villages have this more than cities these days. Today, however, more than for traveling it is used for entertainment. It is a very relaxing way to spend your time, with your kayak and serene waters as your companion. If you want family and friends along too, you can always use a personal kayak, they come in all shapes and sizes. The fun thing about boating is that anyone can do it, even if you are not a swimmer then you can just don a lifejacket and enjoy an exciting boat ride with your favorite view. Even after knowing all the fun part of kayaking and still is not enough to convince you for this activity, then TripKarao jumps in with an exquisitely devised trip to boating that will surely make your mind change and not regret it.


‘A bad day can be made better with some crabbing time’

The seafood we eat has many varieties of dishes in it, out of which one of the most common elements of seafood is crab meat. This fact justifiably describes one aspect of why people go crabbing often. Another reason for crabbing is the fun and enjoyment that is linked to crabbing. This surely is a calm, dedicated, fun, and tranquilizing activity. which requires focus and determination to pull the fishing rod once, which the crab has fallen prey to. Crabbing is similar to fishing, but the unique and entrancing existence of crab species, along with their different types makes crabbing exhilarating yet a joy able activity. To be able to catch a crab, after putting in effort gives the person a sense of achievement, satisfaction, and excitement. Crabbing is all about the perfect size suitable for it along with the things required to perform this activity. TripKarao is all set to give you the best incomparable crabbing experience, and if not before then make you a part of this fun, amusing activity.

Food Tours

There is no denying in good food is the most basic source of happiness, be it at any time of the day. The diversity available in food is what makes it extra special and exciting. Many moments are cherished but the ones involving food are the most memorable ones of them all. Food tours have many enjoyable factors like exploring different types of cuisines, satisfying your hunger by eating various delicious dishes and getting to know about the wonders your palette can experience when going on food tours. Food tours enable the people to develop a good taste for the dishes, which were not known to have existed before, as it also increases our exposure towards different cuisines of the world. This activity also brings people together, as the concept of food tours bring together people from different nations and cultures to come forward and try the food from different cuisines. Food tours are always a joy and a pleasing for people irrespective of any age group they belong to or the culture they acquire, which makes the people have a common liking to dishes depending upon the similar sense of taste and food they go after. Food has always been a way of bringing people together and having a memorable time one can always cherish, be it on Eid, Christmas, or any other occasion. The same concept of food and strong bonding of people can be carried out by having food tours of several places, having different ethnicities.

Food is strength, and food is peace, and food is freedom, and food is a helping hand to people around the world whose goodwill and friendship we want.’

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